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Adam and Eve from the old family bible.

I enjoy comparing images from the old bibles I happen to own. In this case the illustrations of Adam and Eve. The above one is from the old family bible that I inherited from my parents which originally came from my grandmother Fanny. It was printed in 1899. The below one is from the bible I wrote about in the post about illustrations and typography the other day.

It is interesting to compare styles of the illustrations as they come from different eras. The more detailed above and the cleaner one below.


Adam and Eve, from the German bible.

The old family bible has golden covers which are somewhat damaged. Materials of covers seem to be some mix of old leather and paper.


Golden front of family bible

The pages are well preserved despite their age and the very thin paper they are printed on. The illustrations and typography are interesting also in this bible. Detailed illustrations. Ornamented first letters in each chapter.

First book of Moses, first page.

First book of Moses, first page.

I loved to leaf through this family bible when I was little to look at the detailed images. I still do. The text is in an old style swedish that even to us that know swedish can be hard to understand sometimes. The edition of this particular bible is also an older one that do not exactly correspond to the current editions.

I love old books.

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Illustrations and typography

I love good illustrations and good typography. No matter where it appears. Like in this book for instance…


The damaged cover. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


It apparently came from this shop.


This one was published in 1908.

In 1963, when I was in Israel for the very first time, I found this old book in a demolished house in southern Israel, close to the the Egyptian border and Gaza. Looked in it and decided that no matter its weight, I would take it home to Sweden. And so I did.

It is not the entire Bible. It is the five books of Moses + the book of Josua. It is in german. At some time it belonged to somebody and was given to him on his bar mitzwah in June 1919. His name was Ernst Pinkus. According to Google there was an Ernst Pinkus born in 1908… If that was the same one, whose book I have, I have no idea, and I have not investigated it either. (And I don’t want anyone claiming the book this long afterwards…).


The illustrations are beautiful and so is the typography. The covers are very damaged, but the inside of the book is fairly well kept. This book is over a hundred years old so…

Here are some examples of the illustrations and the typography.




Every chapter in the book has these beautiful illustrations and every part in it has really nice beginning capitals. I guess you can call its style “jugend” or art nouveau when it is at its best. Love it and love to look at the pictures and the layout.

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