Sorrow. Great sorrow.

After not sleeping all that well, being so sad after learning that Tedy is dead and that it really is too late to see him again, I got restless and needed to go out. Went for a long walk with the camera, up on the hill and down again through the woods. It was overcast, very silent, just me and the birds. I shot around 120 photos on my regular trees, the sky, the road, flowers etc. in that area. It is soothing.

At one time when sorrow almost overwhelmed me, I shot some sky-pictures of the summerclouds. I looked at the small cloud in the center of the larger ones and thought of Tedy. It did not make me any happier.

When I got back home, sun was out again and it was time for a coffee in the sun and catching up with the latest magazines. Tedy was never far away in my thoughts.

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