Some people…

Some people hate you – and say they do – just because you speak your mind and do not agree with them or to some idea you won’t just accept at face value and agree to it.

Saying they cannot stand you because you do not agree with them leads nowhere. Saying on a mailinglist that “You’re foolish brat. And quite frankly you don’t belong” and “frankly, I cannot stand you” is way out of line. Calling me a brat I should maybe take as a compliment. I am not really in an age where I can be a brat. Call me a bitch, but brat? Bitch I can live with.

That is sad, very sad. For him, not for me. To me it points to a frustrated person that has difficulties listening to other peoples opinions. Maybe he also has difficulties not being agreed to by a woman. I don’t know. I don’t know this person other than by name on a couple of mailinglists.

With that much anger on a mailinglist (for something that didn’t even have to do with politics but ideas about UI for software), maybe it is luck that I am on another continent than he is. If I wasn’t I should maybe have to be scared for what this person might do. As it is, I feel sorry for him. And I don’t scare easily.

PS. I finished reading the Catteni/Freedom books by Anne Mc Caffrey. The fourth one was not at all as good as the three previous ones. Felt like an artificial add-on to the first three.
Am now reading a new book by Julian May called the “Conqueror’s Moon”. It isn’t at all that good as “The Saga of the Pliocene Exile”, “The Galactic Milieu Trilogy” and “The Rampart Worlds”. Those three series I enjoyed a lot. This new book, is.. eh… not sure yet after 151 pages of the first part of the “The Boreal Moon Tale”. We will see if it gets any better further into the story. The beginning was even boring.

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