Plants and coffee

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My kitchen jungle. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

This time of the year, with that lousy weather outside, still dark… I need some greenery to look at. If you cannot get it outside (you cannot here in Sweden), at least I can get it indoors in my kitchen. Above is what I see when at the kitchen table.

Another thing I need is a good cup of coffee now and then.

Saturday afternoon I started to make one. And the capsule machine got all crazy… It spitted out water, coffee and steam and made odd sounds. I quickly removed the cable to the electricity to make it stop its craziness. Then cleaned off all the spitted out coffee and water and dried the machine. Then I tested it with only water in, no coffee. Machine was dead. Short circuit. It was too late in the afternoon to go out to get a new machine. It had to wait until Sunday. On Saturday I had to take out my old coffee brewer and the old coffee I had stored… Result: disgusting taste, but I got my dose of caffeine….

coffee, capsulemachine,, dolcegusto

My old, now dead, capsule machine. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

On Sunday I went off to buy a new capsule machine. The old one was a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Geniosic (see above), 2 years and one month old. One month too old for the guarantee to still be valid. Bought one of the model MiniMe and went home to test it.

New machine didn’t work. Water never got transported into the system. No coffee on Sunday either. Did all the actions required to test it, but no luck. Out came the old regular coffee brewer again but this time I broke into 2 capsules of Dolce Gusto coffee and used that to get a decent cup of coffee, instead of using the old stored coffee from I don’t know when…  At least I got a cup of coffee that was almost OK.

Monday morning I called the Dolce Gusto people and we agreed on taking the new machine back to the store to get it exchanged. So I did. But I choose another model this time, a Dolce Gusto Circolo.

At that moment I felt I had to get something colorful, to cheer myself up, so I choose a red one, instead of a black which would have been my normal choice. Went home and initiated the machine.

capsules, dolcegusto circolo

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

And it worked beautifully. Finally I could again get decent cups of coffee! And I love the round form of the capsule machine and its red color. Glad I didn’t choose a black one.

Now I can again enjoy a good cup of coffee, relaxing and looking at the greenery in my kitchenwindows.

kitchenwindows, greenery

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014



Yayy for the bright red coffee machine! Oh and I love your crazy Aloë Vera plant, looks like a nephew of mine 😉 Thank your for joining us, Nini!

That Aloe Vera plant was saved from the community house a couple of years ago where it didn’t get either water or attention and risked dying. As soon as it came home to me it started growing. It has a “baby-plant” in the pot that I plan on giving a pot of its own later in the spring.

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