One last look before the scaffolding goes up


One last photo before the scaffolding goes up tomorrow. The house is being painted on all red wooden parts. Much needed as you can see from the below picture.


Tomorrow around 10 AM they come and put the scaffolding up. Then we will have to live with that for approximately two weeks. How fast they do the job depends on the weather conditions. Nothing I am looking forward to, but it is needed to keep the house in good condition.

Everything on my outside place is now either under cover or moved out to under the mirabelletree on the corner. The tree opened its flowers today by the way.

mirabelles_2 mirabelles_1

By tomorrow the flowers will be fully opened. And the background for pictures will be scaffolding up all the red walls… I am glad though that they start with my house so you don’t have to have the workers there in the middle of the summer when all the greenery is at its peak and you just want to be outside when the weather is warm and sunny. Just hoping they will be careful and won’t trample all the flowerbeds in the process…


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