My fathers pictures


Oskar when young.

My father, Oskar Edvard Tjäder, was born on July 28th, 1906 and died on January 3rd, 1984. My father created signboards that still today can be seen on some places around Stockholm. He was a sign-designer and a commercial artist.

He also painted in oil and aquarelles when he had the time and was also a quite good photographer.

Below are the pictures I have in my possession. Sometimes they are on the walls, sometimes in storage.


Oskar, selfie, scetch. Year unknown.


This one lives on the wall above the TV.  Oil, 45 x 64 cms, 1929. When I grew up it belonged to my grandmother and hung in her room. I got it after she passed away in 1960. I have always loved this painting. It could need some cleaning though…


The cat “Pirre” is above my be in the bedroom. Done on black scrape-paper (white hard carton overdrawn with black) where every line is scraped out in white with a special pencil. 21 x 17 cms, 1940. My father taught me how to do this technique but I don’t really have the patience for it. I still have some of that particular scratch-paper though.

pappas_2663 pappas_2664

The two pictures above are pencil drawings from 1944 of me as a child. 19 x 24 cms and 13 x 19 cms.


Flowers. Oil, 60 x 45 cms, 1932. This one could need some cleaning too and some repairs on the backside of the frame.


Aquarelle of Stigbergsgatan, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden in 1940, 28 x 37 cms..


Aquarelle of “Spring at Stigbergsgatan”, 1928, 30 x 39 cms.


Oskar in 1983. Photo: ©nini.tjader

I have some more of my fathers drawings stored somewhere, and at least one more scratch-drawing… Time has marked the materials, especially the paper in the drawings and the aquarelles. Thanks to Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop CC , some of the yellowness of the pictures could be removed, but in reality they are much more yellow than above. I also used Adobe Photoshop perspective crop to straighten some of the pictures after taking the pictures. It is always hard to get photos of bigger pictures straight when shooting. I have changed the frame of two of the pictures because they broke but the rest are the original wooden frames, some gilded.

PS. How do you clean oil paintings?


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