Keeping in contact

When yesterday reorganizing my workroom and making room for some papers, I found Tedy’s letters from 1974-75. All nine (9) of them. Re-read all but one yesterday. Have one more to go. Slow reading for me because of handwritten Hebrew – even if his handwriting is easy to read (compared to letters I get from Malca) – and his letters are long. I really have to write to him. Or call him (calling to Israel from Sweden is a bit too expensive though). He has been on my mind a lot lately. I wish he had email.

I also should call Ulla. I am bad at keeping in contact with people. She is as bad as me with that, which does not make a good combination.

Weather is boring, grey, very cloudy, +5-7 centigrades, some rain. It is November. Worst month of the year when it comes to lack of light and sun. You can get depressed for less.

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