iTunes sync iPhone error with Photos (1723)

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Had this error for some time. iPhone backed up just fine to the computer, but it refused to finish the sync and got stuck on importing photos. I was also unable to remove photos from the iPhone. And iPhoto didn’t see the photos on the iPhone. The synced album I removed from iPhoto, but that didn’t help.

Today I googled the above error and found a reply on the Apple support pages. It was this:


May 16, 2014 11:38 AM

I’ve had this same problem, and after several tries I finally solved it. It seems to be related with a corruption of the iPhoto Library:

1. Quit iTunes.

2. Open Finder, and go to wherever your iPhoto library is stored (usually ~/Pictures).

3. Right-click on the iPhoto Library and select “Show package contents”

4. Delete the “iPod Photo Cache” folder

5. Close the finder window

6. Open iPhoto. It might take some time for it to reload the library, but it’s ok.

7. When iPhoto finishes loading the library and you can browse your photos, close iPhoto

8. Open iTunes, goto your device’s Photo tab, and make shure the Sync photos options is UNCHECKED

9. Sync your device

10. After the sync finishes, CHECK the sync photo option. It will ask if the photos already in the device should be overwritten. I anserwered yes

11. Select which photos, events, albums or faces you want to sync,

12.- Sync your device again, and it should do it, including your photos

 Hope this helps.


It helped. I could again sync the iPhone to my Mac. Even though I do not even HAVE an iPod…

BUT I was now stuck with the photos from iPhoto on the iPhone without any option to delete the Album from the iPhone.

So I tried this from within iTunes with NO photos or albums selected.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.06.12

… and finally got rid of the photos from the iPhone too.

Wanted to add that to the post at the Apple support pages but the Apple Support pages wouldn’t let me in despite a valid Apple ID which I can login with for anything else. It wanted me to add a username for the support pages. However, that was impossible because my Apple ID email was already used. Apple wanted me to use another email… So in principle Apple wants me to create another Apple ID with another email-account to be able to login to the Apple Support Pages… Moment 22… No, I will not do that. Two of my email addresses are already registered with Apple. Have one more I could use, but…

At least the immediate problem with the syncing from/to the iPhone is solved.


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