In my bookcases

In my bookcases – I have several – all kinds of things land in addition to the books.

bookcase, printer

The small Canon photoprinter landed on this shelf some time in June last year. Got it with my latest camera, a Canon G15. Only had to pay for the papers. I still dont know if it is any good as I haven’t got around to testing it yet.

The small loadspeaker that sits there I got for free last time I upgraded my iPhone from 3GS to 4S, And that is about two years ago now. Haven’t tested that either…

Apparently I shouldn’t put stuff in the bookcase that aren’t books or decorations as I tend to forget about them. On the other hand I was pretty busy with the housing-cooperative until December 31st 2013 when I resigned from the board, and didn’t really have the time for new things (except the camera, and the Tivo-box…).

bookcase, books, iron

Another thing that always lands in the bookcase is the iron. It is there before, during and between ironing sessions. There seems to always be something that needs ironing – and I really hate ironing and postpone it as long as I can – so often enough no point to put the iron away.

coppervase, fake crocus, books, bookcase

And some decorations also land there… ;). This copper vase bought long ago in East Jerusalem for instance. With fake crocus in it.

You might spy some of my books too in these pictures. I’ll write about those another time. And no, I do NOT sort them according to color. I sort the books alphabetically according to last name of the author How else would I find a book I look for?


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