Hungry birds


It is summer. The birds should be able to find food themselves, right? But, they all have little ones and they are hungry. So I give them special peanuts for birds. They love the peanuts. Both the woodpeckers (I have three of them regularly feeding here, they look slightly different when compared, and I’ve seen at least two of them at the same time), and the nuthatch couple which I saw also the entire winter. The nuthatch always eats upside-down.

nuthatch nuthatcher

These two kinds of birds make all the smaller birds stay in the nearby tree when they eat and the small ones, like the great tits, only get to eat when the other ones are away. Sometimes several at the same time. Feeding them the year around makes them stay in the garden. And they also eat all kinds of insects and bugs and larvae so you get less of those on the plants.

great tits

These were the ones I managed to take pictures of today. I also have blue tits and several other kinds of birds coming. Only problem is that it is hard to find the peanuts for birds during the summer. Ordered more today from a place I’ve never ordered from before and hope it will come fast as I’m almost out of peanuts by now.

It is fun watching the interaction between the birds at the feeders. The woodpeckers always announce when they are nearby and on inflight. You cannot miss that they are coming. They even keep on making noise when eating.



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