I love hollyhocks. Always wanted to have some. Couldn’t until I got a flower bed.

Last year I bought two, unknown colors. Planted them. I knew they wouldn’t have flowers the first year and that I had to wait til this year. This kind is supposed to be perennial. We will see next year if they are…

I also picked hollyhock seeds at a place we visited last year and put them into the earth as well. Not knowing if they would become something or not. At least one did.

This is the result this year.

The first one. Growing fast, getting higher and higher.

The bumblebees love the flowers of the hollyhock and spin around inside them like crazy. Almost fighting for them if more than one bumblebee wants the same flower.

The second hollyhock. Another shade of cerise than the first one.

And to my surprise I got a third one…


The third hollyhock is pale pink.

The third one is probably from the seeds I sowed. Before the flower opened I thought this was the same plant as the cerise one behind it, but it isn’t.

Early in spring all of them had a kind of decease that affected the leaves so they are all bare at the bottoms, no leaves there. What I could find out it was some kind of “rust”. I have removed the leaves with the decease and because of all the rains I think it is now gone.

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