First snow

Downstairs and the yard, Friday, November 19th, 2004

Day before yesterday the first snow for this season arrived. It was heavy snowfall with heavy winds all day long and resulted in about 20cms of snow. When it finally stopped snowing, it became cold. Today has been sunny and -5 centigrades. Tonight is even colder. It looks like it is going to continue like this for still a couple of days. It is very early in the season. The neighbors below (a young couple who have no idea about how to tend their piece of garden) have still not moved the garden furniture inside – or an office chair that they brought out some time in August. All is now covered by snow, including their grill.

In the end Ulla called me Thursday. Her daughter Rafaela has now moved in with her now boyfriend and left home. I will go to Ulla tomorrow, see her and her husband Feri and the dog Igor and eat her good food. That will be nice.

Malca also called the other night from Israel. She keeps wanting me to come for a visit. I still feel the safety situation isn’t what I would like it to be to go to Israel. I also cannot afford it presently. Would be good to leave the winter though.

Got the latest brochure from the SF bookstore here the other day. Saw that Stephen Donaldson has released the first part in a third and final trilogy about Thomas Covenant. I’ve read the previous books (and all his other books as well) and am looking forward to go get this one too soon. Stephen Donaldson is one of my favorite Fantasy and SF authors.
The Runes of the Earth (The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 1) Stephen R. Donaldson More info here

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