Finally have got a new lamp for the bedroom

Bell from BELID

Bedlamp Bell from Belid

I’ve finally got a new lamp for the bedroom. It is called Bell, halogen with dimmer. I got the white one but it is also available in black and red. Can even be had as table-lamp and freestanding floor-lamp. Have also seen it as ceiling lamp. I really like it. My old bedroom lamp – also white – was from the 70-ties.

This is how it looks in my bedroom:

New lamp over bed

At the same time that I exchanged the lamp I also got a white picture-list to put up above it, primarily for pictures. Makes it easy to change pictures when you feel bored with the current ones.

Unfortunately they were out of stock all over town – seems like everybody else already bought theirs and demand had dwindled or something as they were almost nowhere to be found. IKEA had them but suddenly had changed sizes of them so had to get two, one short and one longer, to get my desired 120 cm length. I know they have had them in longer lengths than 105cm before… not any longer though. If I’d had carpentry talents I might have built one myself…

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