Feri’s Funeral

The Chapel of Hope, funeral of Feri Sved

The Chapel of Hope, funeral of Feri Svéd – before the ceremony

On September 2nd 2011 was the funeral of Feri Svéd. Haven’t been to a funeral since 1984 when I was to 2 funerals in a very short time, the one of my father and the one of my then partner Janne’s brother. They died within 2 weeks of each other. Since then I have not attended any funerals. Granted, some of my closest friends and exes have died during this period, but I have not attended any funerals for various reasons.

Feri’s funeral, like my father’s , was a civil funeral, not a religious one. No priests and no psalms and all that. It was held at Skogskyrkogården, in Hoppets Kapell (The Woodland Cemetery, the Chapel of Hope). The very same place as my father’s funeral was held. It is on the World Heritage List and in itself a beautiful place.

There were a lot of people attending (around 70?). When entering the chapel one was met by the large photo of Feri in the role of a conductor. It is a very good photo and so much Feri.

Sved family

The Svéd family members waiting for the ceremony to begin

George Sved

George Svéd held the ceremony

George Svéd held the ceremony and told the life-story of Feri. A very fascinating and interesting story lasting from the 2nd World War in Hungary, via Paris to Sweden, and Feri’s three wifes (where my old friend Ulla was his last wife). He did it passionately and warmly and with a lot of feeling. It was really beautiful. There was music by Bach, a Hungarian folk song and there was Stockholm i mitt hjärta, by Lasse Berghagen. All loved by Feri. Very moving there and then.

It was a really beautiful funeral. R.I.P. Feri. His ashes will be spread into the sea.

sved family

Part of the Svéd family

From left to right: Leon (grandchild), Magnus (Rafaelas partner), Rafaela (daughter), Ulla (wife and my old friend). Then Stefan (son) and the last three I don’t know the names of. George (bonus-son) was at that moment holding the ceremony.

(As I didn’t know if it was OK to take photos during the ceremony, I didn’t bring my camera. Only had my iPhone. Turned out everybody was taking pictures so I did too. The poor quality is because pictures are taken with the iPhone).

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