Embroidered linen cloths

I have those embroidered linen cloths in my cupboard that I’ve inherited from home. I wrote about them on my swedish blog recently, wondering what on earth I should do with them. As it is I never use them. They just sit there in the cupboard and I occasionally take them and look at them because I think they are beautiful, but not my style. Most of them are approximately 140 cm x 140 cm i size and they have lace around the sides. Cannot say if the lace is handmade or not but it might be. Is there are market for these things if I should decide to sell them?

They were done by my grandmother and my father around 1930 or there about. Here are some pictures of them. Click on an image to see a larger version and to get a regular slideshow.

I also have a bunch of damast linen cloths. But I’ll show those another time.


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