The house opposite mine at night

It is very dark. Depressing. The sunup is approximately at 8.30 AM and sundown at around 3.30 PM. It will soon turn though. The longest night and the shortest day of the year is Dec 22nd. Then it will get lighter again. The only nice thing about this season is all the lights that everybody puts in the windows from Advent Sunday until about a week or two after New Years Eve. I do it too. I don’t celebrate Christmas (or Hanukkah), my neighbors that are from all over the world, many of them Muslim, don’t either, but we all put up the Advent Lights in the windows. Makes the darkness seem more friendly somehow.

Have said no to a short-term job at a competitor to my previous employer. Cannot work there if I still want to work on and off at my old workplace. It wasn’t worth it for a job for about 3 months even if that would have paid better. A pity, but… not possible. I need to still have a foot in at my old job also after the three months. Had it been for a longer period I might have accepted. Because of the competition between them and some old trouble between them, it was not doable.

All the snow is totally gone again. About +2 centigrades and the grass that was temporarily covered by snow now looks green… Wrong season.

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