Choosing a kitchen carpet

kitchen carpet

My old kitchen carpet. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I’ve been busy lately to choose a kitchen carpet. My Finnish cotton carpet has been with me and used for more than 35 years and it starts to show. I will not throw it out, but it gets worse with each wash. Last time I washed it (we have a washing machine for big thing sin the housing community where I live) I had to cut off the fringes as they were coming off.

kitchen carpet

My old kitchen carpet. Fringe cut off. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The alternatives I was looking at were these:

kitchen carpet

Kattrup from Ikea. Candidate for kitchen carpet.

This one is flat-weave, wool. Nice, Available in several sizes. Monica used to have one in her kitchen and I always liked it. I have the impression though that its colors have changed over the years and that Monicas was more red than the current version of it at Ikea.

kitchen carpet

Waves from Horredsmattan, a plastic rug. Candidate for kitchen carpet.

This one is a plastic carpet. Can be practical in a kitchen. It had the right width – I liked it tio be as wide that it could contain the chairs on it also when used. Plastic carpets are much too expensive though. This was turnable. Pattern the opposite on the other side.

kitchen carpet

Lohals from Ikea. Candidate for kitchen carpet.

I’ve always liked this carpet. Natural fibers (jute). Natural color. For a while there I thought it might be too bland and too close in color to the floor in the kitchen.

kitchen carpet

Emma from MIO. Candidate for kitchen carpet.

This one, Emma from MIO, is also wool and flat-weave. No fringe (which is good, I do not like fringes on carpets). It has nice colors, but somehow, it reminds me of knitted or crocheted sweaters from the 1960-ties or 1970-ties…  I almost bought this one though…

After much thinking back and forth, I decided on LOHALS from Ikea, the cheapest of them. Natural materials (jute), big, 200 cm x 300 cm. SEK995, which is a very good price for carpet this size. Any one of the other carpets would have costed double the price for that size.

The new carpet is now on the floor and I am happy with it. It is about 5 cm too long so it had to slide up on the wall a bit, bu that is no problem. The edge nearest in the picture will hopefully, eventually, come down and reduce risk of stumbling on it…

lohals, kitchen carpet

LOHALS from Ikea. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

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