brass, candle holders

THE thing just now is brass they say in all the blogs about home decoration and in the papers about interior design.

Also got inspired by how Ulla had used her candle holders when I visited in Xmas.

So I took out all brass things I own – which is mainly candle holders. Still dark season so candles bring light and warmth.  I even had an incense holder in brass that was hiding in one of the bookcases (see the windowsill above). Put it all in the kitchen, replacing the Xmas-decorations. Next time I pass one of those stores with re-used things, I’ll have a look for more brass things. Two of the above I got in one of those for next to nothing some years ago. The brass lamp in the living room window (it is back again after Christmas) stays where it is though.

brass, candle holders

Ullas candles

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