Bengt Elde, painter of pictures


Bengt Elde. Picture from the internet.

Last week Bengt Elde, Swedish picture painter, passed away after some time with prostata cancer. No, I didn’t know him, but I’ve always loved his pictures (see gallery below).

His pictures are detailed, colorful, imaginative, full of fantasy and fun. Often flowers, views of Stockholm or the archipelago, summer or winter, and those recurring little critters…

I can watch his pictures over and over and over again and still find details in them that I didn’t see before. (As a child this was the kind of pictures that most awoke my imagination). His art is folksy and easy to love. His pictures have been made into table mats, coasters, trays, calendars, postcards… and pictures of course.  Not all that expensive to buy. There is a shop at Drottninggatan in Stockholm that sells a lot of his pictures and items. He also had a studio centrally in the southern part of Stockholm.

He was very creative.


The shop at Drottningggatan, Stockholm. Image from the Internet.


Bengt Elde with glasses with his “critters” on.

His “critters” that appear in several pictures and on his glasses above and as ceramic horse-like objects, I haven’t seen sold anywhere. I have seen pictures of them done in ceramics though.


Elde critters. Image from the internet.

Below are some examples of his pictures that I found on the internet. Personally I only have saved pages from some of his yearly wall calendars. I guess the calendar for 2015 will be the last one unless his publisher continue to publish them.

If you click on an image, you will see them larger. If you reload the page the images will re-sort. The images are from various places on the internet and I’ve had no way to ask for permissions to publish them here. Just hoping that it is OK to do so.

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  1. I ‘discovered’ Bengt Elde’s work in 2007 on a trip to Sweden and immediately fell in love with his style.It is so joyful and uplifting. I visited the shop and bought countless cards ..and a very large book which I consider an ‘investment’ . It was expensive and heavy. I was nevertheless happy to bring it back with me. Beauty is food for the soul. Thank you, Bengt Elde- for your lifelong production of food for the soul.

  2. Veronika, I too discovered Bengt Elde when living in Tyres?, some 26 years ago.
    I returned many times to Stockholm and always called in to his workshop studio to buy cards, objects and many posters. I recognise many of those above! I loved the ‘winter scenes’ most of all. Many I gifted, family, friends, grandchildren. Any idea if there is a market where I could sell them off?