Baklava and other not so swedish stuff



Suddenly the local Lidl store in Tumba sold baklava. I bought 2 boxes with the above content. After having tasted it I went back and bought two more boxes. They were delicious. Love it.

It wasn’t all that long ago that baklava was hard to come by in Sweden. I learned to love it first in Israel, then in Greece. Just a few years ago you could only get it in MIddle Eastern shops where they on Fridays had some local house-wife bake it and sell it in the local shop. That was the situation when I lived in Vårby Gård. Then they appeared at the lebanese restaurant at the food court in Skärholmen. And now Lidl has them. Progress.

It has to my delight become so much easier to find mediterranean and middle eastern food stuffs nowadays. When I moved back to Sweden (from Israel) in 1974 it was even hard to find aubergine and squash. Not now. They today are found among the regular veggies in any supermarket. That’s good.

Baklava, or kadaifi, or kunafa… all very similar sweet things, name depending on which part around the Mediterranean they come from. Delicious with coffee, or with a glass of red wine (yes they really are). I have a few recipes in Swedish here for making them yourself. (Want me to translate them? Just ask, or use Google translate. My old site there doesn’t work as supposed to so Google Translate might not work directly on the page, but I plan to remake the pages any time soon now).

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