Back to normal

Malca and Nini 1970

BUT LIFE GOES ON AND BACK TO NORMAL. I told Malca about Tedy and she was just as shocked. We also – again – talked about me coming to Israel again. Haven’t been there since 1993. Somehow you realise that sometimes things CAN be too late and also that nobody is immortal. Presently I cannot afford going to Israel even though I can stay at Malca’s. It is more expensive to fly to Israel from Sweden than it is to fly to the US. I first have to pay what I owe the IRS, plus pay back what the unemployment agency by mistake paid me twice. As I now again only work 25 percent, my income is not exactly great.

I don’t really mind being unemployed – particularly not in the summer and when the weather is fine. I’ve always had lots of things to do and even so don’t have enough time for everything I would like to do (some things I am unable to do due to the lack of money, but that is something else).

I’ve been scanning my old slides from Israel from 1965 – 1974. Slow job. Boring job. But it had to be done before the slides become totally unusable. Some are next to unusable and will need a lot of editing to be possible to view. So, now only have the rest of the slides from 1974 to 1991 to still scan… 1992 I went back to regular photos with negatives and paperprints. The oldest slides also are in frames with glass which have destroyed some of them. They look like they’ve got some disease…

It’s been interesting though to see all those old slides. Made me wonder where some of those people on them are today.

My slidescanner, a Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV, is very slow, but actually quite good at scanning. At least after I switched from the application that came with the scanner to VueScan instead. Good piece of software with lots of settings. I also fell in love with Photoshop CS2 new spot healing tool. Very effective on those old spotty scanned slides.

The last three weeks approximately the weather has been fantastic. Warm, dry and sunny like around the Meditarranean. If only the grass would stop blooming – I’m extremely allergic to it.

Yesterday my bike suddenly had a flat tire. I had no tools to fix it and no spare inner tires either, so had to walk the bike to bike-repair in Skärholmen to get it fixed. I haven’t changed a flat tire on a bike since I was 10, and then it was a one gear bike – my present bike has 24 – so I have no idea how to do that even if I had had the tools for it. It was the back-tire that collapsed. I collected the bike this afternoon. Felt handicapped without it.

Next week I’ll work the whole week at DD. We are taking turns so the office won’t have to be closed during summer. We could lose more clients if we did. So, have to go up in the morning for five whole days… Ah, well.

I hope it will rain the whole week… 😉 Which by the way would be good for the nature as it is ever so dry everywhere.

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