Powder coated steel shelves


MENU powder coated steel shelves. Photo borrowed form the internet.

There are a lot of powder coated steel shelves out there presently.  The above ones come from MENU. They are nice, come in various sizes and colors and can be put on the wall in various directions. The only (?) thing that differ them from other very similar shelves is that they are open in one end. They call it “corner shelf”.

VIPP, shelf

VIPP powder coated steel shelves. Image from the internet.

The first similar one that comes to mind is the VIPP shelf. Nice, but really expensive. Also comes in various sizes and colors.

shelf, ikea

IKEA Botkyrka powder coated steel shelves. Image from

Then there is the IKEA BOTKYRKA shelf. Clearly the least expensive of these ones. Comes in dark grey, white and yellow. One size only.

I am sure there are more similar ones out there. They are nice. If I had a space on the wall for them, I would like to have a couple.  What I DO have is a smaller variant from IKEA that they no longer sell. Got two of them before they disappeared from their stores.

What I like about these shelves is the simplicity och cleanliness of form. Makes them very easy to place and versatile in use.


My powder coated steel tea-shelves in the kitchen. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

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Very similar shelves, or…?


IKEA Valje. Photo from

I like low shelves and always wish I had the space for them. Unfortunately I don’t.

Ikea has for some time had this shelf, VALJE, SEK 995/USD 99. I like it. 100x83x30. So, when I got an email from showing the below shelf, I thought, wait-a-minute, haven’t I seen that shelf before? Aren’t they very similar?  The one from Bolia is 70x70x35 in size and now costs SEK1979 on sale (did cost SEK 3299). So, smaller and more expensive and no legs, yes. But in my eyes they are very similar. Both models come in various looks/colors.


Screenshot from

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New shelves in the kitchen

kitchen, shelves, enudden, shelves, ikea

Small, new shelves in the kitchen. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

I’ve put up two small shelves in the kitchen. Bought them already before Xmas and have been planning to put them up ever since. Now they are up on the wall. I moved all my different kinds of tea (+ one decorative can with cacao) to the shelves which created better space in the Billy cupboard to the right.

kitchen, shelves, enudden, shelf, ikea

Enudden shelves from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The shelves are white lacquered steel and come from Ikea. They are called ENUDDEN and cost SEK39 a piece. Or USD 7.99. They can be put either as I did, with the sides pointing up, or the other way around with the sides pointing down. I’ve also seen examples when two combined are put with the top one with sides pointing down and the bottom one pointing up. They they can become a good little shelf for pocket books for instance.

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Drawers instead of shelves in the kitchen cupboards

kitchen, cupboard

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

For a very long time I was irritated by my largest kitchen-cupboard. Why? Because it is a lower cupboard stuck against the wall which made it very difficult to see what was in it and to move things in and out of it. I also needed some kind of pantry as this flat doesn’t have one. I’ve so far used a low Billy shelf with doors as pantry. It’s been Ok, kind of, but it took up valuable floor space and it lately began to fall apart (the backside I nailed to the shelves from the back as it kept falling out).

kitchen, cupboards, Billy

Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

The dining-table much needed to be moved closer to the right to get enough space to sit on the other side. Also, the space to open the door to the cupboard was not sufficient at all.

So I checked alternatives and came to the conclusion that drawers instead of shelves in that cupboard would be a good solution. I could then get rid of the Billy cupboard, move the table to the right, and get good overview in the drawers of the content. The drawers would act as pantry.

Unfortunately I could not use Ikea drawers in the cupboard as my cupboards are from Marbodal and the measures are not the same. That made it much more expensive. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and got them last week.

Billy, pantry, cupboard

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Emptied the Billy cupboard, removed the doors, took out the shelves and put the Billy cupboard out into the bicycle shed… waiting for the spring-container for large stuff to throw it away.

kitchen, pantrycontent kitchen, pantrycontent

All the pantry-content on the table and the floor…

kitchen, cupboards

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Billy now gone from this spot. I then removed the door and the shelves of the cupboard that was to receive the drawers and cleaned the space.

kitchen, cupboards

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The drawers came partly assembled so I only had to attach the front and to put up the rails for the drawers.

kitchen, cupboards, drawers

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

After some struggle with the drawers I got them in. The pictured description of how to do that was not all that clear, but after some testing and swearing I learned that the rails were to be inside all the way and not out to be able to attach the drawers. Success!

kitchen, drawers

Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

To get the drawers in the right way I also had to adjust the next two doors slightly to get it right.

kitchen, drawers

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Mission accomplished, except for the handles.

kitchen, cupboards, drawers

Photo. ©nini.tjader.2015

No, the broom is not standing there any more. It has moved to the walk in closet to be out of the way…

kitchen, table

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Dining-table was moved to the right and the ceiling-lamp too. It is no longer hard to get in behind the table at the left side.

I then put in Ikeas drawer mats in the drawers and filled them with all the pantry stuff (dry goods). I then created the templates for the holes for the handles and taped them to the drawers. It is a question of measuring carefully and finding the middle of the drawer and the distance from the top of the drawer-front and where the holes for the handles should go. It is somewhat scary to drill holes into the all new fronts…

kitchen, drawers, templates_for_handles

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

kitchen, drawers, templates_for_handles

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Had to go out to buy an appropriate drill-head to be able to do the holes for the handles. Below the result after drilling the holes and attaching the handles.

kitchen, cupboards, drawers

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

kitchen, cupboards, drawers

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I am happy with the result. I finally have drawers instead of shelves and useful drawers for all the dry stuff easily seen and reached. And I no longer have to crawl on the floor to be able to see what is in that cupboard… Neither do I have to remove half the content to get at what I need. This is how it ought to have been from the beginning. By the way, the drawers are self-closing and very silent too.

I still have to rearrange the decorations on the wall now that Billy is no longer there. It looks off as it is now.

The whole thing costed SEK 4215 for the parts from Marbodal. Delivery took about two weeks. The drawer mats from Ikea costed SEK 39 and the new drill head for wood with sharp tip SEK 28. The Marbodal fronts are 13 mm thick. Had I chosen the thicker ones – which they at first quoted to me – the whole thing would have costed another SEK 2000… so I chose the simpler ones, which are the same as the doors to all the other cupboards.

The doors to the Billy cupboard are for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

kitchen, drawer

Upper drawer. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

kitchen, drawer

Middle drawer. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

kitchen, drawer

Bottom drawer. Photo:©nini.tjader.2015

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Simple shelves

Presently there are several simple-looking shelves out there which are SO similar in form and look. The price varies a lot though.



Picture from VIPP site.


Picture from VIPP site.

The large one costs SEK 2.299 and is of aluminum. Comes in black or white. Is 100 cm long.


hylla_botkyrka, ikea

Shelf Botkyrka by Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Comes in dark grey, white or yellow. Material: lacquered steel. Price SEK 199. Is 80 cm long.



Picture from site.

Comes in black, white or walnut. Material: MDF. Price SEK  3.829. Is 200 cm long.

I am certain that there are more similar shelves out there. I like them all when it comes to looks. When it comes to price, I would definitely favor the Ikea model. I think it is ridiculous to pay more for such a simple shelf. The Ikea-one is really nice.

*Note that has gone belly-up and is no more.

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