A Gentlemans Garden

We’ve had the most glorious summer weather the last couple of days. Today I went to visit a garden called “A Gentlemans Garden” here in Tumba where I live. It is open to the public about six times during the season. Entrance fee usually going to the Red Cross.

It is not that common in Sweden that people open up their gardens to the public to come visit. I know they do it in the U.K. but here it is unusual. Was tipped about it by my neighbor. I think I will go back again in June or July to see how it looks then when the spring flowers have been exchanged for whatever grows in the summer.

Most of the flowers were white, with a few hyacinths in blue and also a few groups of anemone blanda in blue. In the small dam there were yellow flowers. And at places there were groups of low yellow and white tulips. The scent from the hundreds of hyacinths were almost too much in the sunshine. The man owning the garden said he plants about 300 hyacinths every autumn. That’s a lot of hyacinths… It was a nice visit and definitely worth the SEK25 to the Red Cross for the entrance. In the background music pieces by Mozart were played. Very fitting. They also had a small coffeeshop at the back of the garden, lots of benches to sit and look at the flowers and cards for sale.

Here are some pictures from today. Click any image to see a larger version.
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