I love candles. Around the year. Not only during the very dark winter season.


Photo: @nini.tjader.2013

I have this group of candles on a tin tray on my sofa-table in the livingroom. They haven’t changed much over the years, but I sometimes change the candle holders a bit. Usually the candles are white, and without any fragrance.


Birds-eye-view of the candle tray. Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

The chain of candleholders in white, around the tray, come from Ikea. They’ve sold them for years and still do on and off. Now seems to be off though… The blue candleholder was one of Ikeas summer specials the other year, sold temporarily with a candle that smelled like lemons in it. Works perfectly for any other candle too.

The tin tray was bought on sale in a shop that is no more. Love it. On the tin tray are two decorated stone-eggs from Afro Art. The bigger candle is surrounded by tiny shells and stones picked by me in various places around the Mediterranean.

I also have other kinds of candles elsewhere, but not on the sofa-table.

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