Little boxes on the wall

boxes, storage, bedroom

For some time now, little boxes have been very popular to hang on walls to solve various storage needs.

boxes, storage, bedroom

One of the bedside boxes. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

I have had mine, in the bedroom, for a couple of years by now. My problem was that I couldn’t find a bedside table small enough to put there. Space is limited and bedside tables were usually too big. These two boxes are prefect for my needs.

boxes, storage, bedroom

One of my bedside boxes. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2016

Thes two I bought from Ellos for a reasonable price some years ago. They are no longer sold, but you can find similar ones in several places. They can be hung either horizontally like here, or vertically if you prefer that.

boxes, storage, bedroom

My bedside boxes. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2016

In addition to the little boxes Iv put a picture ledge, slightly longer than the width of the bed and the bedframe above. I use it for pictures and decorative items, but of course you can use it for storage too if you like.

boxes, storage, wallstorage

Little boxes from Svenssons i Lammhult . Image from their website, slightly cropped.

The above little boxes are from Svensson i Lammhult, and expensive. Attached to each other, or not. For more examples and prices visit their website. If you don’t want to pay ridiculously high prices, IKEA has alternatives as well, the VALJE series for instance. As do most furniture stores presently. With or without doors. With or without backsides towards the wall.

Does a simple little box have to be expensive? In my opinion no. As long as the finish is good I prefer a cheaper box from the more expensive ones. If the size is right.

Little boxes are a nice solution for many storage needs and very flexible.

boxes, storage

Little boxes. IKEA VALJE. Image from Ikea.

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Little boxes

Image from ELLOS

Image from ELLOS

Due to the lack of space in the bedroom, I am always looking for storage solutions close to the bed as there isn’t enough space for a bedside table. I’ve tried various solutions. It would be nice to be able to put a glass of water within reach of the bed.

Presently I have one small white box on the wall beside the headboard. I have two of those boxes but presently only use one of them. When I – soon – paint the entire wall, I will move the headboard slightly to the right, and the bed-lamps as well. Then I will move this box down a bit and then place the second one even lower. That will be the closest to a bedside table I will get.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Those little boxes I have, I got from ELLOS. They have sold them for a couple of years by now. Still cost only SEK149 a piece. They also come in black.

There are similar ones out there. From MONTANA for instance… A totally different price though…€231. Comes in white, black or brown.

box, montana

Box from Montana. Image from Ambient Direct.

The difference? The MONTANA box is a bit deeper and it has a backside toward the wall. The ELLOS box has no backside. It was this picture though that made me think of how to place the two boxes from ELLOS which I already have. One at the height of the bed, the second one higher up, in line with the top of the head-board, so a glass and pitcher can be placed there.

To be continued.

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