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Samaria ravine, Crete

The Samaria Gorge, Crete.

In the ravine. Nearing the end. Only a few kilometers left. About here an English woman gives up and gets to go by donkey the last bit.

It is late afternoon and I start to worry if I will make it though in time before the ravine closes for the day around 17.00 hrs and to reach the boat at Agia Roumeli which is the only way to get out of the ravine and back to the bus which awaits us where the boat goes.

I got through in the end and checked out of the ravine as the last in my group and almost the last through the ravine before closing time.

But it DID get through all the way.

It took me 8 hours to get through including all the water-stops and small rests on the way.

First thing I did when checking out of the ravine was having a café frappé (ice-coffee) before walking the last 3 kilometers into the village and the boat. Those kilometers were murder...

Some did it in 4 hours... well. At least I DID it. I am proud of myself. The next day I could hardly walk. I dragged myself the 50 meters to the beach and stayed there all day. Ate at the nearest restaurant so I didn´t have to walk to far. The second day after this was the trip to Knossos. My leg-muscles still were on strike in the morning, but got around about the afternoon at Knossos.

It was worth it. But I will not do it again.