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Either click the small image or hover over it with your cursor to see a larger preview of the image.

Ninis Desktop Pictures

All images function well on a 1280x1024 display. Clicking the download link below opens the large image in a new window and you can save it from there or drag image to your disk, or CTRL+click the link below and save to disk.

Appleflowers, Sweden, 1280x1024 (100 KB)

Appleflowers 2, Sweden, 1280x1024 (128 KB)

Appleflowers 3, Sweden, 1280x1024 (136 KB)

Appletree, Sweden, 1280x1024 (308 KB)

Appletree 2, Sweden, 1280x1024 (316 KB)

More desktop pictures at

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