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Map over Meteora area

After taking the Flying Dolphin from Skiathos to the mainland to the town of Volos, we continued by bus. We did a 2 hour trip – with a coffebreak in the middle – over a huge plain called Thassali with the Pinios River meanderign through it, up north to Kalambaka and the area of Meteora. We visited one monastery before lunch, had lunch in Kalambaka, and then visited another monastery (actually a nunnery) after lunch.

The plain we passed to get there were interesting in itself, all surrounded by huge mountains. On the plain they grew cotton, vegetables, olives, wheat and all kinds of things.

A sad thing were all the dead trees, which died last winter of severe cold and snow. There were huge areas with dead olivetrees and other trees that cannot take cold weatherconditions. It will take a long time before these dead trees are restored with other ones.