Winter has arrived


Photo: ©nini 2014

This was yesterday morning. Sunny for a change. Cold.

Winter arrived finally. There was no avoiding it. Some snow, but not much. The only thing that is good with snow is that it makes days a bit lighter. Not much though. Light IS returning a bit for every day.


Photo: ©nini 2014

Patio-chairs look a bit alone in wintertime. Nothing inviting out there.


Photo: ©nini 2014

The afternoons are still dark. There was an almost full moon yesterday (this is at 4:10 PM). And fewer clouds than usual so you could see it.

I’d rather have sun, light, warmth than this… It can be beautiful though.

PS. I’ve finally started to use Instagram. Have had the account for quite some time but only now started to populate it with images. You can find my Instagram-account at

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