Which color for the bedroom walls?


This is my bedroom. Ever since moved in 4.5 years ago I’ve been wanting to change the color of the walls. They are way too green. I do NOT like green wall-paper…


I do not like green walls. I like greenery in nature, but not green in interior design.

So which color should I choose? All my previous bedrooms have had light blue walls. I don’t want light blue any more, but I am thinking of a darker blue. For a while I was thinking of grey, but, as my living room walls are light grey, and my entrance and work-corner are dark grey, that would be a bit too much of the grey I think. Furniture in the bedroom are either white or oak veneer. Bedspreads either white or medium brown. I think a darker blue would be nice, wouldn’t it?


What I want to do is paint over the green wall paper. I need to go to the paintshop and get some samples. I won’t do the job until it is summer and warm enough for the paint to dry quickly. I am thinking of something like 4th row, 2nd from the right. Or third row and third or second from the right. Opinions?




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