When it rains, it pours…

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS… it really does. I should never had said on July 16th that I hoped it would rain all of the week when I was going to be at work in the office in town. It started on Sunday July 17th with a thunder- and hailstorm with a heavy downpour that drenched everything. The hailstones were about 1,5 cm in diameter and made big, round holes in the leaves of my pelargonias on the balcony before I had moved them closer to the wall. It has rained ever since. The nature absolutely needed it (which you can see from the color of the grass above), but… it would have been good with something in between very sunny and dry and warm and very wet and copious amounts of rain. The entrance to my house downstairs, which is at the bottom of a hill, got flooded so you had to wade in and out of the house. The garage under the house was probably also flooded. They say it will continue to rain for most of this week too. Feels like autumn with this grey, very dark and wet weather. It is warm outside though with about 20 centigrades.

The pictures above and below were shot by me during the worst hailstorm on July 17th, 2005.

It is again pouring when I write this. Thundering too.

Wonder when the sun will appear the next time so I can use my sunchair again – now under plastic. The sun – when there is a sun – is on the balcony in the morning and until around 11.30 AM. A nice place for breakfast in the sun and reading the morning paper.

The yellow-brown area in the second image is the lawn in the yard. Grass seemingly all dead as you can see. Now, a bit more than a week later, that grass is green again. So it wasn’t really dead after all. Just very dry.

By now all warnings for risk of forest fires are over. And those that started in the south of Sweden no longer burn. It is still prohibited to grill though except on your own land.

All grass pollen is also finally gone and I can breath again and no longer have itching eyes. What a relief. I still sneeze though. Guess there is still some pollen inside the flat.

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