What Not to Wear… or?

Every time I am at the gym (Monday and Friday mornings) and on the treadmill, the TV-show called “What Not to Wear” (warning, the link goes to a page where you cannot turn off the sound of the ads) is on the TLC channel (the show also has a Facebook page). I watch the first 15 minutes when still on the treadmill, before we go on and continue with our regular “circlefys” training and leave the treadmill. So I only see the first 15 minutes. I’ve watched a few episodes at home though because I wanted to know how they proceeded and what advise they gave those women.

The whole idea of the show is that friends and family nominate somebody in their circle that they think need some update of her way of dressing and looking (never saw a man nominated so far, how come?) . Apparently with the goal to catch a man after the update has happened. Then the two TV-hosts go out and secretly film the person, visit her wardrobe at home, and then unannounced catch her at work (or similar) together with her circle of friends and family. She gets offered a creditcard with USD 5000 on it on the condition that they can throw away all her present clothes and she should shop a new wardrobe during their supervision and advise of what to look for. They also get makeup and hair treatment and a complete make-over in the end. And, as with all these shows, present their new looks to their circle of friends of family. Applause.

This show annoys me. A lot. Where is that “Dislike” button.

Do we all have to wear high heals? Or show cleavage? Or introduce dresses into our wardrobes? Or use a type of clothes you do not like? Does that alone make you more confident?

What is wrong with wearing jeans and a T-shirt? Or training shoes? Or fleece jackets? Or hoodies?

I can see that some of the people they present might need som directions in how to dress and what not to wear, but, seriously, what is wrong with wearing jeans and a T-shirt when you go to the grocery store? Or refusing high heals, dresses and showing your cleavage?

It is something wrong with this view on life. All surface. No substance. Will that make you happier? I doubt it. It is SO superficial.

And why are they not making any make-overs of guys? I’ve seen plenty of guys that could need one…

What Not to Wear

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