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crochet covered furniture

Crochet covered furniture

Last week Ulla and I visited the yearly Home & House fair. It has shrunk since last year. Must have something to do with the general economic situation in the world.

Still, it was interesting to visit.

One of the trends lately is crochet covered or knit-covered furniture.

Another one is lots of colors.

I would never pay for a crochet-covered chair. Or a giant floor pillow.

It is just too much.

And it is ugly.

It would never cross my threshold.

backlit bathroom cabinet

Backlit bathroom cabinet

A bathroom cabinet with backlit mirror like the ones here, is another thing. They are actually very nice. Hard to judge though how much light they give as they were surrounded by lots of other lights here.

Still, shabby chic reigns and is everywhere. Though I think it is going to disappear soon. Or I hope it will. I’ve never liked that style. It is too shabby…

I long for simple, clean, light and airy. Straight lines. No frills. No flower-patterns. No 70th colors.

I actually love colors. But presently there are too many of them all over the place. Never gives the eye a rest.

washbasin wood

Washbasins in wood

Another thing we saw were washbasins in wood.
Beautiful, yes.
But will they last all the water splashing on them without getting ugly?

And then there were these beautiful colorful stools. Love them. Each one of them of a different kind of wood.


Colorful stools

And these wool blankets which I’ve always loved (but never will afford to buy).

Wool blankets

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Cristina | Positively Beauty

Crocheted furniture is not my thing either – too fussy for my taste. I love the wool blankets!

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