The new sideboard


The new sideboard. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The new sideboard arrived and was collected by the middle of this week. Now assembled and put in its place. Assembly was a bit tricky. Took about an hour instead of the promised 15 minutes… Plants can now move in from outside on the patio.

Under the sideboard I keep the peanuts for the birds and some garden utensils that cannot be kept outside when it rains. You normally don’t see those things except in this angle.

sideboard, livingroomwindow

Livingroom window with new sideboard. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

So far no plants have moved in onto the sideboard. The corokia cotoneaster (also called zigzag-plant) is there at the end of the sideboard instead of on the white piedestal it stood on before. (The piedestal has moved back to the kitchen and has the huge aloe on it). One of the stephanotis (doftranka, Stephanotis floribunda)in the picture I gave to Ulla on Friday. Now only two remain. I got four (4) from Lasse & Camilla when they moved back to Umeå. One I gave to my neighbor some time ago, and now I am down to two for myself. That is quite enough. One of them hangs in an ampel in the window.

Any day now I will move inside those plants that are unfit for cold nights and winter. Already moved the November cactus and the smallest olive tree into the bedroom window. The figtree and the chili plants come next. The figtree has grown about 30 cms since I bought it… Its size will become a problem I think. The original window ledge is double width, but not wide enough for all the plants I need to get inside. That is why I bought the sideboard.

To be continued when the plants are inside and on the sideboard.


Livingroomwindow. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015


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