The Anne Mc Caffrey books

I intended to start writing in this blog right after I created it…. Instead I got stuck in the Catteni (aka Freedom) books by Anne Mc Caffrey… I’ve just started the third book and have that and one more to go. In that series. Unable to stop reading.

I recently also finished the Pern series and now only wait for the last one in that series to get published in pocket – which will be in December this year according to I enjoy her books. Could they be called “light SF” ? Fortunately she has been very productive so I still have lots of her books to read in other of her series. She never gets boring. And she continues to renew her stories and tell them in different ways.

When not reading, have been out taking pictures of the faster and faster approaching autumn, beautiful trees in all colors. We had frost this morning and 0 centigrades. Mittens and wintercoat out for the first time this season.

The website of Anne McCaffrey is here.

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