Things Inherited, part I

ceramic containers, butter-dogs

Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

I think we all have things around us at home that we have inherited from our parents or other relatives. Things that have history and age. These are some of mine.

Two formerly very common ceramic containers that I keep in the kitchen. They are older than me. The smaller one to the left I remember that my mother used to keep butter in.

The bigger one – which unfortunately is broken och glued together by a non-professional (me) – I think they used to keep salted cucumbers in or similar stuff. You cannot keep any liquids in it (other use similar containers for flowers), but it is perfect to put the rolls with plastic and foil in.

The two small silver (?) dogs are butter-dogs. Which means they were used to place your butter-knife on so the greasy side of the knife wouldn’t rest on the table cloth.

I’ve seen both the dogs and the two containers all my life. The small “calendar”-thing also comes from home. But that is more recent.


Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

Just beside those stands my grandmothers and grandfathers huge silver soup-spoon. I actually use it now and then. And polish it now and then… Have no idea if it is real silver or not. This is the stamp on it. I know nothing about silver or silver stamps… Total length 35 cms.

silver stamp

Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

On the back of the handle the initials of my grandmother and grandfather are engraved. It says T o T. D. , which stands for Titus & Tekla Dahlstedt, who were my mothers parents. So the soup-spoon might have been their wedding gift.

soup-spoon engravings

Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

Front end of the handle looks like this.

soup-spoon handle

Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

Is it worth anything? Have no idea. Have never checked.

On the wall above these things there is this ceramic wall decoration, also from home.

ceramic wall decoration

Photo: @nini.tjader.2014

It is danish and comes from somewhere called Søholm. If I remember correctly (?) my father (or was it my mother?) got it for a birthday. Not sure though. I like it and its colors. If I hadn’t I would not have kept it. And certainly not put it on the kitchen wall. 22 cm x 20 cm in size.

When I started looking around in my home for things inherited from my parents, I realized that I have several. Many more than I thought. So stay tuned, there will be a follow up with some other stuff another day.

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