Plantselfie september 2016

plantselfie, oxalis, nini

Plantselfie with my red oxalis. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

I’ve always found it difficult to take selfies. I just don’t look the way I think I look when in a selfie. Taking a selfie means you have to look at yourself, in the camera (smartphone) and preferably smile at the same time you shoot the picture. Taking a selfie together with your plants/a plant/ is no easier…

plantselfie, oxalis, nini

Plantselfie with me and my red oxalis. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

The above two pictures is of me with my red oxalis. The plant normally is inside but the light outside was better so shot there. The red oxalis, which lost all its stems and flowers recently when re-planting it, is coming along just fine. So far one leaf, and the beginning of a flower is also on its way.

plantselfie, figtree, nini

Plantselfie with my figtree. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2016

When outside with the plants there, I also shot a pantselfie with my figtree. The figtree is outside over summer but will get inside – provided I find a suitable place to put it – in a couple of weeks when the weather turns too cold and gloomy announcing oncoming winter. The figtree has grown a lot lately. It likes the unusually warm and sunny summer we have had and still have.

plantselfie, figtree, gustav, cat, nini

Plantselfie with Gustav. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

When I sat there under the figtree trying to find a good angle for the tree, Gustav, my neighbors male cat, wanted to participate too and to sit on my lap. So, he got into the picture as well… He looks a bit odd that close to the camera…

plantselfie, pelargonia, Mårbacka, nini

Plantselfie with Mårbacka pelargonia. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

One of my big Mårbacka pelargonia also got into the picture. I have two of those. The one above is the one looking the best. They are both really big and survived last winter indoors. This year I will not bring them in though. Simply no space. They’ll be outside until the frost takes them, then into the recycling.

plantselfie, calientepink, nini, pelargonia

Plantselfie. Me and my caliente pink. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

The caliente pink pelargonia WILL go inside though. Seems to be a healthy enough plant that might make it through winter indoors.

pelargonia, calientepink

Pelargonia caliente pink. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

Above how the caliente pink looks all by itself.

plantselfie, pelargonia, balconred

Plantselfie with pelargonia balcon red. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

This is my hanging pelargonia called balcon red. It is too big and too heavy to really “hang” so it stands on the railing of my patio.  That one will not go inside when cold comes. I have nowhere to place it inside. Even though it is large, has lots and lots of red flowers by this time of the year, it will actually go into the garbage when cold comes. A pity? Yes. But no choice.

Below the last plantselfie for this time. Three pelargonias and an olive tree I managed to squeeze into this picture. The closest one is a pelargonia with fragrance which I don’t remember the name of. Haven’t decided yet if it will go inside or not when it no longer can be outside. Depends on if I can find a place for it or not.

Task accomplished, plantselfie pictures for the Urbanjunglebloggers in september.

plantselfie, patio, pelargonias

Plantselfie on the patio. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016


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