Made by women

These are made by women. In these cases women in Greece. I admire their handicraft.


Handicraft by women in Greece. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Upper left is a bag that when I bought it was filled with handpicked oregano. I bought it because of the oregano. It comes from the island of Karpathos in Greece and the village of Olympos, which has a long tradition of matriarch rule. (More about Olympos at Karpathos here).

The upper righthand one is also from somewhere in Greece, I don’t remember where.

The two bottom ones comes from a monastery and are made by nuns who sell them to tourists for their income. They are extremely well made.

Neither of them are my style really. I am not one of those who put little cloths under everything in my home. But I admire the handicraft and sometimes cannot resist buying things like these when abroad. I really have nowhere to put them. They don’t fit in my home. So they are kept in a cupboard with the bigger table cloths that I also never use…

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