Clever lamp with usb port


MULTI Vägg, a clever lamp. Image borrowed from Markslöjd.

I have a weakness for designer lamps. Mostly they are too expensive for my economy, but… I still love designer lamps. Preferably with a simple design. If they also have some clever function, the better.

The other day I saw this lamp above at another blog and it caught my eye. A very clever lamp. Includes an usb-port for charging your smartphone or pad.

I want that lamp… More info about it here (and no, I am not sponsored). It comes from Markslöjd and is called MULTI Vägg (wall). It is also dimmable. Lamp not included. And it is black.

Would love to have that one beside the bed. Price: from SEK921 upwards, depending on where you buy it.

MULTI vägg

MULTI Vägg. Image borrowed from Markslöjd

multi vägg

MULTI Vägg. Image borrowed from Markslöjd.

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The Tube

lamp, thetube, tuben

The Tube Photo:©nini.tjader.2015

I have this 70-ties fluorescent lamp called “The Tube”, designed by Anders Pehrson for Atelje Lyktan. It is a table lamp, shiny black. I bought it in the 70-ties because I really loved its form and look. It has followed me from flat to flat over the years.

This lamp can nowadays be found at various auction sites for around SEK1000. In various colors. You still see it in various interior design articles. Google “anders pehrson tuben” for more pictures and colors. No, I am not selling… I love this lamp.

tuben, lamp

The Tube. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

It was problematic the last couple of years and didn’t really want to be lit. Sometimes I managed to turn it on, and sometimes not. Exchanging the fluorescent light didn’t help.

tuben, lamp

The Tube. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Now, when the cold season is coming and many of the plants that I’ve had outside over the warmer season had to be moved inside, I needed some extra light for the plants. The Tube, with a timer, would be perfect for it, standing on the higher cupboard over the plants in the bedroom.

Decided I needed to have it repaired so i could put a timer to it for putting it on and off. Found via recommendations a firm that could do it. They changed most of the electricity inside it and the lamp is now as new. And the electricity in it is secure again. They did a good and fast job for a reasonable price.

It will live on for many years yet.

tuben, thetube, lamp

The Tube. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

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New Lamp

lamp, herstal

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I got a new lamp. It is the Minitube from Herstal. It is small, white and simple. Easy to place anywhere. Not sure it will stay where I presently put it, but presently it is there.

I hadn’t planned to buy a new table lamp, but I had points in one of my accounts that were about to expire, so I checked what they had to offer in exchange for those points from the list of objects you can choose from. Last time I did this I choose a mixer.  Just didn’t want the points to expire…

It needs a thin E14 lamp. I might get it a LED lamp but presently it got a halogen lamp. Tested first with an energy save lamp but I always get so annoyed by how long they take to provide full light so that went out pretty fast. I am not sure that a halogen lamp is the best in this thin glass tube as they get very warm. LED is expensive but next time I go to Ikea I’ll get one of theirs.

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