My very first flat

In the kitchen. Very colorful.

In the kitchen. Very colorful. Photo. ©nini.tjader

I recently started a new department on my blog called Nini’s flats. I intend to publish pictures there from all flats I’ve lived in. The only one more or less finalized so far is my very first flat at Diagnosvägen 1D. Still lacking the flat-plan for that one though.

I moved into my very first flat in 1974 when I moved back to Sweden from Israel. It was a one bedroom flat of 67m2 on the 2nd floor at Diagnosvägen 1D, Flemingsberg, Huddinge.

Seeing picture of interiors from the 70-ties is quite shocking. The interiors are painfully colorful. I used a lot of red, yellow and green at the time. Even the coffee-brewer was yellow… Those were the colors of that time.

The sofa-corner.

The sofa-corner. Witch cat-basket in it. Photo: ©nini.tjader

The sofa-corner in the livingroom consisted of two brown corduroy sofas and a square white sofa-table. I had lots of greenery and plants already then.


The daybed in the livingroom. Surrounded by greenery. Photo: ©nini.tjader

I loved that daybed. Unfortunately it broke when I once stepped onto it to reach something on the wall.

See all the pictures from my first flat here. All pictures are my own.

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