Little boxes

Image from ELLOS

Image from ELLOS

Due to the lack of space in the bedroom, I am always looking for storage solutions close to the bed as there isn’t enough space for a bedside table. I’ve tried various solutions. It would be nice to be able to put a glass of water within reach of the bed.

Presently I have one small white box on the wall beside the headboard. I have two of those boxes but presently only use one of them. When I – soon – paint the entire wall, I will move the headboard slightly to the right, and the bed-lamps as well. Then I will move this box down a bit and then place the second one even lower. That will be the closest to a bedside table I will get.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Those little boxes I have, I got from ELLOS. They have sold them for a couple of years by now. Still cost only SEK149 a piece. They also come in black.

There are similar ones out there. From MONTANA for instance… A totally different price though…€231. Comes in white, black or brown.

box, montana

Box from Montana. Image from Ambient Direct.

The difference? The MONTANA box is a bit deeper and it has a backside toward the wall. The ELLOS box has no backside. It was this picture though that made me think of how to place the two boxes from ELLOS which I already have. One at the height of the bed, the second one higher up, in line with the top of the head-board, so a glass and pitcher can be placed there.

To be continued.

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