Summer whites


Summer whites in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

Summer whites is a way to confirm that the summer is here. That means changing the covers of the furniture to white ones.

summer whites, sofa, carpet

Summer whites in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

What do I mean by that? Well, with all the white light in the summer I always feel I need even MORE light and white by changing the covers on the furniture in the living room. I don’t need to change the curtains as they are always white. Some might say that it is enough with the light outside and the eventual sunshine and that you therefore should have dark colors in your home in the summer and light colors in the dark season. I feel the other way around is the way to go. Summer whites in the summer and dark colors in the winter.

summer whites, livingroom

Summer whites in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

So, the other day I changed the covers of the EKTORP chaiselongue and the small JENNYLUND armchair to white from grey (the very pink fleece cover there is protection against dirty cat-feet). Neither is particularly hard to change cover on even though you have to remove the armrest on the chaiselongue to be able to change the cover. I have done that often enough to be comfortable with it.

summer whites, chaiselongue

Summer whites in the livingroom, the EKTORP chaiselongue. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

Yesterday I switched the livingroom carpet from dark blue to off-white. To do that I needed to move the sofa-table and all that was on it and on the shelf under it off the carpet. Only then could the carpet be changed.

When the carpet area was already empty, and carpet changed, I decided I’d also take that opportunity to change the cover of the sofa from grey to white. To change the cover of the sofa demands space for the work.

summer whites, sofa, carpet

Summer whites in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

Changing the cover of the 2-seater KARLSTAD sofa is a lot of work. First you remove the cover of the four pillows. Then you remove the armrests with the sofa-legs. Then the legs from the armrests. Then then cover of the armsrests. Then the large cover over the rest of the sofa. Then you put on fresh cover for the large part of the sofa. Then put the fresh covers onto the armrests and then attach the legs (2 for each armrest) to the armrests. Then attach the the armrests to the sofa (4 screws each). The sofa is then ready to get back the seating pillows and the back pillows. Changing cover on the KARLSTAD sofa is actually the same thing as assembling it from scratch, twice. So I tend to not change the cover of the sofa too often…

The non-fresh cover has to be dry-cleaned. You cannot put it into the washing machine unfortunately. And it really needs cleaning by now.

The summer white covers need to be on now until at least when the dirty ones have been cleaned. Hopefully no cat with dirty feet will step on them meanwhile before I’ve put a protective towel or such on the now summer white furniture.

The KARLSTAD 2-seater sofa is no longer sold at IKEA, only the 3-seater. So if I want a new cover for it, I need to get it from BEMZ, and that is pretty expensive. The EKTORP chaiselounge with armrest is no longer sold either. The light grey cover I have for it is from BEMZ. The JENNYLUND armchair is still sold and apart from the white cover I have a dark grey cover and a dark blue cover with white flowers for it. Its first white cover shrunk enormously in the laundry and can no longer be used. I’ve saved it as a pattern to be able to make my own cover one day.


Part of the darker livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

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Terrible Colors

kitchen, pink, colors

Kitchen. Image from ELLE Decoration.

There are terrible colors and there are colors.

There is this very colorful flat featured at ELLE Decoration presently. It is also featured in their Instagram-account.

I find it awful…
A kitchen with pink cupboards and teal colored floors…
I would personally turn back out from that kitchen immediately. Definitely doesn’t get me in the mood to cook or anything else you usually do in the kitchen. These colors… According to ELLE Decoration those are beautiful colors… I couldn’t disagree more.


Livingroom. Image from ELLE Decoration.

And the livingroom isn’t one bit better. Sofa with different shades of green in the sofa cushions, paired with lilac walls and a red carpet on a dark-blue floor… No thanks. I think the sofa opposite to the green one is pink…  It is just too much. Makes me nauseous.

That many colors, in those combinations, only makes me want to immediately turn my back and get out of it. That is, if I was in that house…  There is no rest in that house (feng-shui someone?). How can you relax with these colors and color-combinations?

I actually like colors.
But not like this.
And not combined liked this.

How an interior decoration magazine like ELLE Decoration actually can find it beautiful is beyond my comprehension. This hurts my eyes and makes me sea-sick.

The flat is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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One thing lead to another

chair, carpet, livingroom

White chair-cover, blue carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

One thing lead to another. Gustav, the neighbor cat, stepped all over the white cover of the chair with his really dirty feet…The cover can be washed in the washing-machine. The above one is the one that has shrunk in laundry and is almost impossible to get onto the chair after laundry.

Had to remove the cover and change to another one.

I’ve got four covers for this chair. Two white, one grey, and one dark-blue with flower-pattern. I also had two carpets, one blue and one multicolored. The shrunk, white one I might have to get rid of after washing it once more. Which one should I use this time?

chair, carpet. livingroom

Grey chair-cover, multi-colored carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

Didn’t really want to change to the grey cover. That is SO winter to me. Also didn’t want to change to the multicolored carpet. That is also SO winter to me. I could of course have changed to the other white cover (which so far has never been used). But I am saving that one a bit… I also have a white cover for the sofa. Maybe I will make both the chair and the sofa white for the winter and then use the multi-colored carpet?

chair, carpet, livingroom

Whit chair-cover, multi-covered carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

I wanted to use the blue cover with flower-pattern as I’ve used that one very little (because it clashes with the blue carpet…). When I put it onto the chair, I remembered why I have almost never used it, particularly not with the blue carpet which was on now.

The two blue colors of the chair-cover and the carpet simply do not function together. They clash. Neither does the multi-colored carpet go well with the blue chair-cover. So, I thought, why not get a new, off-white carpet? That will go with any chair-cover (except the white one). So I did. This is the result.

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

With the new off-white carpet the room changed character and became much calmer. And lighter. And more sophisticated? Carpet goes well both with the blue and the grey cover for the chair. Not with the white though I think… Then I have to change back to multi-colored or blue carpet. The color blue is difficult. Not all nuances go together. Because of Gustav’s dirty feet I changed both the chair-cover and the carpet. A bit of change is good sometimes. Also needed to change the pillow-cover in the chair to something neutral. White.

The carpet is fantastic to dig into with bare feet… Feet just need to be clean.

Below a close-up of the carpet which is 140 x 200 cms in size, called Aukland, bought at MIO. IKEA didn’t have any carpets I liked.


Off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

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Choosing a wall color


Finally picked up some color samples brochures and pieces from the local paint shop on my way home from the gym today. Have been intending to do so for quite some time and today I remembered when I passed by. It is impossible to choose a color from the internet as it might be something totally different in real life than on screen. So I start with these brochures. Then I will probably have to buy a test color and apply on a smallish area to see it for real. It is the bedroom walls I intend to paint. I want to finally get rid of those green walls in the bedroom that I don’t like.


I like these two blue colors. Particularly that one to the right, the darkest of them. Nothing is decided yet. A bucket of paint for about 20 square-meter walls costs about SEK 500 and up, depending on the color-mix. Or one layer of paint for that area. So probably will need 2 buckets as you usually need to paint two layers. Need to measure the walls next so I know the size of the area.

To be continued…


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