Oiled oak

oiled oak, kitchentable


This is my kitchen table. It has now been cleaned, then oiled, and has dried and is ready for use again. The table is white oiled, which means that it has white pigment in the oil.

The table is SKAGEN from Bolia. I’ve had it since the summer of 2009, shortly before I moved to my present flat. Solid, white-oiled oak. Monica (my then neighbor and friend) bought the same table before I did. She also bought the extensions for it. The extensions – 50 cms – only come in 2-pack. I later bought one of them from her and use it at the window-end of the table.

I love this table. It is simple and utilitarian. And I much prefer the white-oiled oak to the darker ones.

oiled oak, kitchentable

Photo: ©nini.tjder.2014

Table looks all new when this is done. I’ve postponed it for a long time as the downside of doing it that you cannot use the table for 24 hours after oiling it. The treatment is necessary to do regularly to prevent the wood from drying out.

Remains to do the same to the sofa-table in the livingroom.

oiled oak, kitchen table

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

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A beautiful Singer

sewingmachine, singer

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I recently participated in a cleanup of a home together with two others. And there, among a lot of other stuff, was this dusty old Singer sewing machine.

What a beautiful machine!

sewingmachine, singer

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I never lifted the cover, which I now regret as I have no idea how it looks inside. I did remove the other stuff around it and the dust though to be able to see how it actually looked. The intarsia both on the cover and the table is very nice.

We had a Singer sewing machine at home when I grew up. Mother had it converted to electrical. I later threw out the sewing machine part and used only the legs for a table. Later threw that out as well… But this one looks like an original. If it works? I have no idea.

sewingmachine, singer

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

sewingmachine, singer


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The Office-Chair, part VIII

The office chair saga is now finally at its end.

Just got a SMS from my bank that after handling my case, they will refund me the money paid for the office chair I ordered but never got delivered because the firm went belly up. SEK2479  will be entered to my card today. Thank you Nordea!

Lessons learned:

1. Check the firm thoroughly before buying and paying (I did that, and still…).

2. Pay internet purchases by credit card. That’s one of the few ways to get your money back in case something goes wrong.

3. Save all communications with the selling firm, both screendumps of purchase and any emails of confirmations etc. and later communications.

This ended well in the end but it was a long process.

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New chair in the hallway

chair, holmsel, ikea

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Finally bought the chair HOLMSEL from Ikea, in black, for the hallway. The black and white pillow to sit on I had before. I think that one also was from Ikea.

It looks so much nicer with this chair here than the former one. It is also slightly smaller, which is good in my tiny hallway.

Holmsel, chair


So what did I do with the previous chair?

After some moving around of the smallest Expedit bookcase into the livingroom, I got some space in the bedroom for the older chair from the hallway. I always wanted a chair in the bedroom but previously didn’t have the space for it.

chair, agen, ikea

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I’ve had this chair for many years. It is Ikeas AGEN. The cover for the pillow is a DIY by me. The color of the chair goes so much better with the Malm chest of drawers (in oak veneer – nowadays can only be had in white stained oak veneer) beside it than with the furniture in the hallway. This chair was bought to stand beside it in my previous hallway in my previous flat. The black high pallet is just placed there temporarily. Or, when autumn and cold weather comes, it might get one of the now outside plants on it. Not enough light there though.

The old Macintosh there is the first model Intel iMac 20″. It is collecting dust in the bedroom and seldom on. Only there in case I would like to see a dvd in the bedroom or for the use of old software that cannot be used with today’s operating system.

chair, agen, ikea, malm, chest of drawers

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


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TBT Freehand


Freehand 4.0 T-shirt. Photo: ©nini.tjader

(TBT Throw Back Thursday) Once upon a time when I first learned to use a vector application for drawing, it was Aldus Freehand that I started out with. In my former life I taught software applications to customers. Freehand was one of them. I even recorded a two-part video about Macromedia Freehand 5.0/5.5 for a education company. Those videos were around for quite some time long after Freehand had more or less disappeared.


Freehand 5.0/5.5 video. Photo: ©nini.tjader


Freehand 5.0/5.5 video. Photo: ©nini.tjader

This was around the time when every software company regularly gave out T-shirts in seminars you attended. They were always size L or XL or even XXL. Perfect nighties, but not T-shirts for a smallish person like me. I still have the old Freehand 4.0 T-shirt… And the old videos (on VHS). If nothing else, it is fun watching oneself teaching…

Eventually I had to switch to Adobe Illustrator as Freehand disappeared from the Swedish market. Later Aldus products got first bought by Macromedia and then Freehand was bought by Adobe and in the end Freehand was discontinued in favor of adobe Illustrator. We were many that were sorry about that. There are still several features that Freehand had that to this day has not turned up in Adobe Illustrator. To easily create text on a circle at both top and bottom is just one of those…

Nowadays I am one of the testers of the Illustrator WOW! books for each version. Today I am at home in Illustrator but I still miss some of those smart features that Freehand had and Illustrator still doesn’t…


Freehand 4.0 T-shirt. Photo: ©nini.tjader

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Life Outside


It has been an unusually warm (around +28°C), dry and sunny period for more than a week. That means, I spend most of my time outside, and not in front of the computer. You never know how long these warm and sunny periods will last. Can end any time… Today is grey and overcast, but still warm. Rain has been promised. I actually hope rain will come as everything growing is very dry. Would be nice not to have to water everything for a change…

The patio is 2 x 4 meters in size and is just outside my livingroom.


My black bench. Needs some love and attention and repair of the black color. Just need to buy the color… The old bucket I used last year had turned the paint into some almost hard gel-like consistence. Time for new paint.

outOn the other hand, you don’t see that the color is off when the cushions are on. I love to sit here and read. This corner is under “roof”, that is, under my upstairs neighbors balcony, so you are pretty safe from rain at this spot. Cushions go inside nights to protect them from the neighborhood cats. This place has afternoon and evening sun.


The leaning tree, a non-fertile appletree, probably got there from a seed from an eaten apple that someone threw over the fence long ago… It gives perfect protection from the sun (I do have an umbrella too if more protection is needed). I cut the tree on the inside and at the top every year to keep it in shape. This year it had become the right size to hang the suncharged lamp in.


Small table and two chairs are also on my outside place. Nice place for having breakfast or eating or having a coffee…when the weather permits.


At the other end of the patio, is my pelargonia wall + some other plants.


And an Ikea black plastic chair.


Under this chair lives the garden hose.

When I tire of being at the patio, I go out on the lawn to the sunbed. The patio can get a bit too warm sometimes.


As you might have noticed, most of my outside furniture are black and white, except for the cushions for the bench. All furniture are from Ikea.

All photos: ©nini.tjader.2014

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A New Door-curtain for the Summer

door-curtain, entrance, draperi


Some time ago I bought this graphically patterned cloth from IKEA. It was a temporary offer. One piece of cloth, 3 meters, 150 cms wide, for SEK 149. For a while I considered using it for curtains in the livingroom, but then I would have needed two pieces. I only had one. IKEA no longer sell this cloth. So I decided it would become a new, light, door-curtain for the entrance.

The day before yesterday was grey, dark, glum and rainy so the door-curtain got sewn (after much swearing at the sewing.machine which didn’t want to cooperate), ironed and hung. Enough cloth is left for at least one, maybe two pillow-cases. Will do those another grey and glum day.  Today is sunny and warm and will be spent outside.

I am happy with the result.

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TBT I used to live here


Rondovägen 30, Skogås. 1992-07. Photo:©nini.tjader

(TBT Throw Back Thursday) I used to live in this three floors, four rooms, corner-rowhouse. This is how it looked from the front in the summer of 1992. Below is the backside, which you went out to from the middle floor of the house. The door was from the living-room.

rondov30_5 rondov30_6

This was the plan of the house and its three floors. In addition to that there was a large storageroom under the roof which you reached from a ladder on the top floor.


The bottom floor housed the guest-room/third bedroom, entrance, walk-in-closet and a 19m2 space without windows which was built sub-terranean. Good for storage of all kinds of things, like garden-furniture and bicycles in the winter… We also had an outside shed for everything for the garden etc. at the entrance, but that was not isolated so not good for the bicycles over winter.

The middle floor contained the kitchen, a shower-WC room, a small hall-way and the livingroom.

The top-floor contained the bathroom, the master bedroom with walk-in-closet and a smaller bedroom which we used as an office.

I lived there with Janne and Josefina (my female cat) for seven years or there around until we separated and Janne moved out. Josefina, who became 15 years of age, died in the spring of 1992, just half a year before I moved to the flat in Vårby Gård.

rondov30_7 rondov30_8

Above our bedroom at the topfloor. Just to the right of the bottom picture is the door to a walk-in-closet.


A corner of the office-room/small bed-room at the top-floor.

rondov30_20 rondov30_21 rondov30_22

Above three pictures from the living-room with the exit to the backside garden.


Another corner of the living-room.

rondov30_12 rondov30_23 rondov30_24

Above three pictures from the kitchen. It was quite big, but really unpractical when it came to placement of the cupboards and work-areas. There were almost no work-areas…The kitchen had a door out to a balcony which we rarely used as we had the backside garden.

rondov30_26 rondov30_25

Above two pictures from our guestroom/third bed-room at the bottom of the house. When Janne was still living in the house, we had a second TV in here. When he moved out, so did the second TV… I loved that horizontally striped wall-paper. It was hard to put up though I remember as you had to get the lines really straight.

rondov30_15 rondov30_16 rondov30_17

This is the entrance at the bottom-floor. Quite dark as it had no windows. The only natural lgiht that entered here came from the door of the guest-room.


I used the walk-in-closet at the bottom floor as a sewing-room. I know some of the neighbors used it as an extra bedroom… don’t know how though as it had no real ventilation.

rondov30_28 rondov30_29

The extra sub-terranean space we used for storage of garden-furniture over the winter and for the bicycles. We also used it as a room to watch pictures in as it was really dark. On and off we thought of getting proper furniture for it but never got around to it.


Rondovägen 30, Skogås. 2014-07-02. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

This is the same house 22 years later… I went back to have a look yesterday. Looks much the same except that it has a new roof, the fence of the balconies are brown instead of white, the fence is changed as is the postbox, and the people living there now, or before them, have demolished most of the plants and the garden. The front part is now covered by cement- slabs and all the bushes and other greenery is gone. I couldn’t see the backside, but I noticed there were hedges all over the place and fences and not a glimpse of the huge lilacs we used to have on the backside at the corner. I don’t understand people who do not want greenery around them…


Rondovägen 30, Skogås. 2014-07-02. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

It felt totally odd to see the house again and I didn’t feel one bit at home in the area. House was familiar but… I almost got lost on my way from the train-station and had to use the GPS of my iPhone to get there… No, I have never regretted leaving this house though I always missed having a garden until I moved to my present place. There was a 17 year long pause without a garden in between.

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One thing lead to another

chair, carpet, livingroom

White chair-cover, blue carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

One thing lead to another. Gustav, the neighbor cat, stepped all over the white cover of the chair with his really dirty feet…The cover can be washed in the washing-machine. The above one is the one that has shrunk in laundry and is almost impossible to get onto the chair after laundry.

Had to remove the cover and change to another one.

I’ve got four covers for this chair. Two white, one grey, and one dark-blue with flower-pattern. I also had two carpets, one blue and one multicolored. The shrunk, white one I might have to get rid of after washing it once more. Which one should I use this time?

chair, carpet. livingroom

Grey chair-cover, multi-colored carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

Didn’t really want to change to the grey cover. That is SO winter to me. Also didn’t want to change to the multicolored carpet. That is also SO winter to me. I could of course have changed to the other white cover (which so far has never been used). But I am saving that one a bit… I also have a white cover for the sofa. Maybe I will make both the chair and the sofa white for the winter and then use the multi-colored carpet?

chair, carpet, livingroom

Whit chair-cover, multi-covered carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

I wanted to use the blue cover with flower-pattern as I’ve used that one very little (because it clashes with the blue carpet…). When I put it onto the chair, I remembered why I have almost never used it, particularly not with the blue carpet which was on now.

The two blue colors of the chair-cover and the carpet simply do not function together. They clash. Neither does the multi-colored carpet go well with the blue chair-cover. So, I thought, why not get a new, off-white carpet? That will go with any chair-cover (except the white one). So I did. This is the result.

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

chair, carpet, livingroom

Blue cover, off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

With the new off-white carpet the room changed character and became much calmer. And lighter. And more sophisticated? Carpet goes well both with the blue and the grey cover for the chair. Not with the white though I think… Then I have to change back to multi-colored or blue carpet. The color blue is difficult. Not all nuances go together. Because of Gustav’s dirty feet I changed both the chair-cover and the carpet. A bit of change is good sometimes. Also needed to change the pillow-cover in the chair to something neutral. White.

The carpet is fantastic to dig into with bare feet… Feet just need to be clean.

Below a close-up of the carpet which is 140 x 200 cms in size, called Aukland, bought at MIO. IKEA didn’t have any carpets I liked.


Off-white carpet. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

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Decorative plant – Corokia Cotoneaster

corokia, corokiacotoneaster


The other day when neighbor and I was in a plantshop we found this very decorative plant. We both bought one each. I’ve seen it before in various interior design blogs. It is an odd plant and it is very difficult to take a picture of it as I found out. It is presently placed in one of the kitchen windows, so I can see it when sitting at the kitchen-table.

The plant is called Corokia Cotoneaster (wire-netting brush). It comes from New Zealand where you grow it outside as a bush. It was difficult to find a good place for it where you can see the odd shaped leaves and branches. The small green leaves change appearance with how the light falls on it.

Just to get a better picture of it I temporarily placed some white styrofoam behind it outside when re-planting it in this pot. In Sweden it is called “zigzag”-plant.

Remains to be seen if it gets the tiny yellow flowers it is supposed to get in spring… First of all I need to keep it alive and make sure it is content with its environments.

corokia, corokiacontoneaster

(The pink bucket is an anti-mosquito candle, here just used as weight for the styrofoam to stay in place). ©nini.tjader.2014

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The Office-Chair, part VII

officechair, skruvsta

Skruvsta office-chair from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

As I got an email that the ordered chair will not be delivered, I went ahead and bought the SKRUVSTA office chair from Ikea. In grey (which doesn’t seem to exist in the U.S). The temporary chair is nearby in the kitchen and can be used if/when yet another person will join me in front of the iMac. Now I sit comfortably. This corner is now even more grey than it used to be :).

On June 19th i got the following email from the company where I ordered my office-chair, confirming that there will be no delivery of the ordered chair:


Dear INFURN customer,

further to our last email to all INFURN customers, we regret to inform you that the website has now stopped trading. After numerous attempts to secure the required funds to keep the site running, it has been impossible for the new operator DSGN to continue the business. It has therefore been decided, with the advice of the appointed adviser to the Group, UHY Hacker Young LLP, that all operations are to be suspended.

If you had an order with any of our companies, and it has not been delivered yet, partially or at all, you will be contacted by new insolvency administrators, which are to be announced soon, responsible for winding up of respective company with which you placed your order.

As all companies have stopped trading with immediate effect, we are unable to provide you with any service support.

We apologise for the disruption this may cause to you, and we are really sorry that we are unable to fulfil your order, as we would have liked.




There is still nobody to contact about refund of money paid. Have sent a request for that to my bank and am awaiting communication from them. Couldn’t keep on sitting on the uncomfortable temporary chair, so went ahead and bought one I CAN sit in.

officechair, skruvsta


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New Toys

ipad, ipadcase, touchpen, iphone, iphonecase

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Got myself some new toys… 😉 Having great fun with them.

ipad, ipadcase, touchpen, iphone, iphonecase

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

The case for the iPad Air (leather) is from ElGiganten and I got for no extra cost provided I bought a one year insurance for the iPad. So I did. The pen is from Telenor and cost SEK49 ! Works both on the iPad and the iPhone. The case for the iPhone (leather) is also from Telenor and costs SEK 249.

ipad, ipadcase, touchpen, iphone, iphonecase

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

This is how they look opened up. The outer iPhone case with the sling and space for credit cards is magnetically attached to the inner case and can easily be detached when needed. Really like them.

ipad, ipadcase, touchpen,

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

This is the open case for the iPad. The support-lines for standing it up works really good. I’ve seen many iPad cases where this standing up doesn’t work very well.

Technically speaking: iPad Air 64GB Space Grey WiFi + Cellular and an iPhone 5S with 32 GB Silver.

I am still tweaking the apps and all settings on both. There are apps for the iPhone which do not make sense on the iPad and the other way around. The iPhone was faster to fix (except all the logins) as I had a backup of my old 4S on the Mac. With the iPad I started from scratch as I have never had an iPad before.

So far the only problem I’ve had is that I find the images from the iPhone 5S to have less information in  and quality (smaller in size, fuzzy, resolution not as good) than the images from my old iPhone 4S. Hard to prove by looking at the phone. Can only be seen if you import to computer and open them in Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop. I’ve so far not tested the camera in the iPad. Who takes pictures with an iPad? Normally I don’t even take pictures with iPhone, I use my Canon G15. Taking pictures with the iPhone I only do when the camera is not with me.

ipad, ipadcase, touchpen, iphone, iphonecase

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

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I’ve been busy…


Tried to capture the list of all the Adobe applications installed on my iMac… Almost made it. My 24″ screen couldn’t cover them all… but you get the idea…

Most of the day before yesterday was occupied by installing the latest of all Adobe applications which were released then. For a long while I had problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud application which didn’t want to cooperate. But I solved that in the end and all is well again. I also had to remove all versions CS5 and CS5.5 applications to get enough space on my harddisk first. That also meant that I finally uninstalled Adobe GoLive which served me well for many years. Do I use all of the above? No, not really, but most of them on and off. My main applications are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, Dreamweaver in no particular order. Bridge and Photoshop I use daily.

Now most of the new versions are in on my iMac. Remains to do the MacBookPro. The iPhone and the iPad have both got the new apps from Adobe.

The CC 2014 versions are what is new. Not an update to the CC versions, but new versions with great new features.

 Check out the new features in the new versions here.

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Got myself a bedframe


My present bed has until recently not had a bedframe, nor a headboard. Just ugly metal legs, hidden by the bedspread. Because the bed is 120 cms wide it has been hard to find a bedframe and/or a headboard for it. I’ve always liked the MALM bed that Ikea has. I had one in oakveneer that was 180 cms wide when I moved here. That was too wide. Took up the entire room and made me crazy every time I made the bed or removed the bedspread (that is twice daily). So I sold that and got this one.

Recently I asked Ikea via their webside why they didn’t have a Malm bed in 120 cms width and suggested that they should make one. There is none to be found on their websites. To my surprise I got a reply that they DO have it in 120 cms width, in white and in brownish-black. They just needed to know which warehouse I would like to buy it from and they could check availability there. Had the reply the next day, 16 white ones in stock at my regular Ikea. Went there as soon as I had time for it, bought the white 120 cms wide bedframe and got it delivered the next day.

With the help of my neighbor got it assembled. Took a couple of hours and some of it was a bit tricky. This is the result. I hope it will not fall apart…


(The zebra patterned bedsheets are old and I’ve had them since long before zebra patterns got really popular).

Have archived the ugly metal legs, and also had to take down one of the small wall shelves as it was in the way of the headboard. The decoration on the wall behind the head-board will be removed when I will paint the walls later on. I also need to find a solution for the bedspread. This does not look good… I am happy with the bedframe with headboard though.


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The Office-Chair, part VI

It was too good to be true… I know, it was a fake designer chair, but I could never be able to afford the genuine thing. I know you are not supposed to buy the copies… but if they don’t want us to, set the price for the originals to a more affordable level.

office-chair, charles eames dar, infurn

As it seems, I will not get the office-chair I ordered and paid for in March. Company has disappeared from the face of earth… and gone bankrupt. Got this email on May 27th:


Dear Customer

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you in the past, especially since the beginning of May 2014 regarding your outstanding order.

Unfortunately infurn.com has suffered financial difficulties due to the loss of several business partners from February 2014 onwards.

Please be advised that the group of companies behind the web shop infurn.com have instructed UHY Hacker Young LLP (Turnaround and Recovery Specialists) to review the financial position of the group of companies.

Due to UHY Hacker Young LLP’s review of the financial situation of the group and after discussions with them, it is apparent that the group of companies are insolvent and shall all be entering an insolvency process.

Due to the impending Liquidation of Infurn Limited, the service company of the group which ran the business of customer support, you were not informed of this situation. Infurn Limited ceased trading on 2 May 2014 as they were dependent on funding from the trading company of the group, Livingdesign SL.

We are in the process of instructing lawyers/insolvency experts in Spain with the assistance of UHY Hacker Young LLP to assist with the restructuring of Livingdesign SL.

However, in the meantime, it has been decided that a new operator, DSGN Sales and Support Facilities Limited will take over the web shop (Infurn.com) from 2 May 2014. The purpose of this company is to try to honour all existing customer orders, however at this stage we are unable to confirm our ability to do so.

This company shall not be taking over any of the liabilities of the Infurn.com group and cannot provide any guarantee on delivery times of orders.

We understand our customers? position but we kindly ask you to provide us with time in order to ascertain the level of outstanding orders and whether they can be fulfilled.

You shall be contacted soon with a further update.

Kind regards,


— end of quote —

Since then, nothing. Website has closed and is no more (it was still up and selling at the time I got this email). No links in the email work. There is now nobody to contact. Googling for the company I came to this page https://kundo.se/org/konsument-europa/d/ar-infurn-ett-blufforetag/ (page is in swedish). So, this is a dead end and there will be no chair.

Chair was supposed to be delivered in mid July.  I threw out the old one in mid May and got a temporary chair. That was OK for the short period from then to mid July when I was supposed to get the new office-chair. It costed just SEK 149… It is not comfortable …it doesn’t hurt my elbows though the way the old chair did as it it doesn’t have any armrests.

officechair, alrik

Temporary office-chair

Now I am left with the choice between these two Ikea office-chairs as I still need an office-chair…. Grey or wild pattern? Probably grey.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

It is NOT FUN to lose the money for the ordered chair though. Am trying to get it back via my bank. Sent in the complaint papers just yesterday.

To be continued.

Added 2014-06-19: Today I got the following email which confirms that there will be no delivery of the order. Still nobody to communicate with…

Dear INFURN customer,

further to our last email to all INFURN customers, we regret to inform you that the website has now stopped trading. After numerous attempts to secure the required funds to keep the site running, it has been impossible for the new operator DSGN to continue the business. It has therefore been decided, with the advice of the appointed adviser to the Group, UHY Hacker Young LLP, that all operations are to be suspended.

If you had an order with any of our companies, and it has not been delivered yet, partially or at all, you will be contacted by new insolvency administrators, which are to be announced soon, responsible for winding up of respective company with which you placed your order.

As all companies have stopped trading with immediate effect, we are unable to provide you with any service support.

We apologise for the disruption this may cause to you, and we are really sorry that we are unable to fulfil your order, as we would have liked.



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