Spring has begun

pansy, pensée

Pansy Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

This pansy suddenly appeared in the grass, just beside the rhubarb that my neighbor and I grow together. The pansy probably comes from my neighbor. I know she has a few of them under her bushes. Pansies are sturdy cold-resistant flowers and really give hope that spring is fast approaching. Meteorologically spring is a whole month early in our region this year. The crocus and snowdrops are also up and you can see the tops of the rhubarb as well. Promising. Tulips are coming up in various places in the grass. Don’t remember that they originally where in those places… Last year the row-deer ate the tulips. Most of them. This year, with the early spring, they have so far not ventured into our little corner of the garden. They probably have more greenery to eat elsewhere. So maybe there will be tulip flowers this year… soon as it looks like.

Have to take better pictures of the crocus, when they are open. With this grey weather we are having (grey, but warm) the crocus just stand there and won’t open their flowers.

rhubarb, rabarber

Rhubarb Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


Tulips. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


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The office-chair, part III

office-chair, comet, lammhults

Photo by Nini Tjäder, at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014

As the office-chair I would have liked to buy turned out to be WAY too expensive, I looked around on the internet at various stores for a less expensive alternative.

For a while there I considered buying a fake designer chair… an Eames or HAY chair or similar. But changed my mind and searched some more. I found these:

office-chair, cactus, stalands

Chair called Cactus.

Would have loved a chair in red. But I want armrests. With arm-rests it only comes in black or white. Would be a black then. Seat is lacquered wood. White is not practical. Looks like this:

office-chair, cactus, stalands

Chair called Cactus with armrests.

And then there is this one, called Joy, where the seat is in leather. Comes in black or white.

office-chair, joy, stalands

Chair called Joy.

Remains to go to Stalands and sit in the chairs to feel if they are comfortable. I’ll do that today and hope that they have them on show. Only after test-sitting it, it is decision time.

UPDATE 2014-03-05: well, had no luck. The chair called Cactus, with armrests, has been discontinued, and the shop didn’t have the one without them either. The chair called Joy they had. And it was extremely uncomfortable. Did a new round at IKEA and sat in all their present work-chairs. No. Not happy about them. So, the hunt goes on. Now, again, considering a fake designer-chair… Eames or HAY or…

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Moved the chaise-lounge around again

I have this chaise-lounge that I bought for my previous flat and livingroom. It is an Ikea Ektorp chaise-lounge, older model with one armrest. My previous livingroom was larger than the present one. Ikea no longer makes them with the armrest. It actually looks like they do not make the Ektorp chaise-lounge any more at all except for the one attached to the sofa. Except in Sweden.

chaise lounge, livingroom, ektorp

chaise lounge, livingroom, ektorp

For some time now, until Saturday, the chaise-lounge has been turned this way around.

From 14:30 Saturday it is now turned this way around. I also exchanged the red throw for a black one.

chaise-lounge, livingroom, ektorpchaise lounge, livingroom, ektorp

 Which is best?

Of course the room would look much more open and airy without the chaise-lounge. But it is so comfortable. I don’t want to get rid of it even though there isn’t really any place for it. My flat is too small…

Presently the cover is white. I also have a light-grey one from Bemz, which I bought when Ikea stopped making the Ektorp chaise-lounges with the armrest and then also the extra covers for armrests.

(It would also look better without the training-cycle, but I have nowhere else to put that).

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No, I will not buy that office-chair

comet office chair

After a week I got an answer from the firm that makes this chair (called COMET) about where to buy it and the price.

Price is approximately SEK 8.705 + VAT, in medium range cloth. That is WAY too expensive. At least for me. So I will NOT buy it.

Now will keep on looking what else is available out there that I can afford. With five wheels, adjustable height and armrests.

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On my fridge

fridge, decorations

This is the front of my fridge. I use it for a calendar and for the shoppinglist, timer(s)…  All with magnets. It is a good place for that kind of stuff – particularly when you do not have any space on the walls for this kind of stuff.

No, I do not put decorations on the fridge. Just useful stuff. And yes, I did turn the calendar to March this morning…

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