Sideboards with wheels

sideboard with wheels, sideboard, sofatable, mio

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I like sideboards with wheels. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for one in my smallish flat. If I had, the above one from MIO would be a contender, 53 cm diameter. SEK 795 (approximately USD 110). Comes with either white or clear glass surface.

sideboard with wheels, sideboard, sofatable, ikea, strind

STRIND, sideboard with wheels. Image borrowed from IKEA

IKEA has a similar one called STRIND, with white glass surface. Thinner wheels. No hand-rail. SEK 799 (USD 69.99) for the one with a 50 cm diameter. They also have a bigger one. 75 cm diameter, for SEK 995 (USD 99.99).

The one from MIO looks more elegant to my eyes. And, as it has wheels, it is good to have something to drag it around with. The Ikea-model doesn’t have that.

In both cases, not that suitable for a family with small kids, dogs, cats… it is much too easy to knock off the glass surface from below the glass. But for the rest of us, nice tables. Personally, I would choose the one from MIO.

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