Cats, dogs and small children

Gustav the cat


Cats, dogs and small children usually like me.

This is Gustav, one of my neighbors cats (she has two, the other one is called Alice – haven’t so far managed to take a picture of her). He sometimes comes to visit me if I leave the door to the outside open. Plants himself in one of my chairs and don’t want to leave. Twice now I’ve had to carry him back to his own home. I used to have a cat (Josefina) but I do not intend to get a cat of my own again. Costs money (food, vets, cat litter, insurance) and it is a huge responsibility. Living just beside a busy road makes it even less tempting as the cat would most certainly sneak out as soon as the door opened. Cats are nice though and I sometimes miss having a cat.

When I meet dogs they usually behave as if I am their best friend. I don’t want a dog though. We had a dog, a dachshund, when I was in my teens. He was nice but he was always my fathers dog. I am not a dog person even if dogs seem to think I ought to be just that.

Small children usually like me and trust me. I am not all that interested in children though and have no patience with them really (particularly when they are howling at the top of their lungs in public transportation or shops). I said already at the age of 14 that I never want to have children. And I never really did want it later either. Or had the time for it. My “luck” in this was that I lived for about 15 years with somebody who also did not want children. I have never regretted not having children. Some do and live to multiply themselves and don’t feel fulfilled if they don’t manage to do just that. For some it’s a great sorrow. Not for me. I never really wanted children.

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Still snowing

spider in snow, spindel

Spider in snow, probably lives under the snow

It is still snowing. Today more than ever, combined with wind. Yesterday when I was shoveling snow the spider that lives under the snow was out again. Probably because it was reasonably warm, +/-0C°.

The amaryllis is as big as it will get (+ one stem that haven’t bloomed yet). A really interesting flower if you look close enough at it.


Close-up of amaryllis

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Records to record


LPs and EPs to be recorded

I have a pile of records to record and convert to MP3 file format to get them into the computer. The above is only the POP and Rock pile (and a few jazz records). Then there are also the classical ones (below) and some old israeli ones.


Classical records

Slowly going through the pile. So far I’ve only had patience to do two (2) LPs a day. Why? I’m so used to listen to music shuffled by iTunes that it gets extremely boring to hear an entire record with the same artist, all songs by the same artist… My ears get tired. It is a different matter with classical music – there you really need to listen to the entire record in one go or you don’t get the whole picture. That is not the case with POP and Rock records.

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The amaryllis today (2011-01-01) finally opened its first flowers. 2 so far on this stem, 2 more on same stem. And 2 more stems to grow up with flowers on. It is dark red.

Want to see more amaryllis-pictures? Go here.

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fence in wintershroud

Fence, December 2010

Soon the light returns. On Dec 22nd – Armands birthday would he still have been alive – the light returns and we go towards the summer.

This winter is harder than last one. It seems to never stop snowing. I hate snow – it is only nice and beautiful when on pictures. See my FaceBook album here.

First snow came in October but disappeared. Then it came to stay in mid November. It is still here. Definitely going to be a white Xmas. I don’t really celebrate Xmas. I only decorate for it because I like the lights and the colors, but I don’t really celebrate it and haven’t done so for many years (since my dad died in January 1984). Fell out of the habit when I lived in Israel.

Now looking forward to summer…

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My Tumba Flat

Exactly a year ago I saw my present flat for the very first time. I had missed the scheduled viewing but got a special one on another day.

The sun was shining, I was early and went around a bit in the closest surroundings and liked what I saw and liked the atmosphere. I immediately liked the flat (minus the orange wallpaper in the 2 small halls), despite the closeness to the road. Ground floor, possibility to add plants around the outside porch. Overall fresh flat. There was somebody else looking at the flat at the same time as me. Then the bidding started. First we were 3 bidders. Then we were 2. Before the week came to an end I had won the bidding and the flat was mine.

A period of fixing bank loan, writing contracts and all that stuff followed. And then the never ending packing. As I worked full time at the same time, time was scarce. Got the keys by the beginning of October, moved in on November 1st. Painted the walls in the halls and the living room before I moved in. Light grey in the living room, a darker grey in the halls. Got rid of the orange in the hall and the sunny yellow in the living room.

The move came about because I had felt for some time that I really needed a change and also wanted better living conditions, which I couldn’t get at where I then lived. I was so fed up with the unpleasant landlord for my former flat. Absolutely nothing was done to the house or the flats for the 17 years I lived there. The whole area had gradually become more and more run down. Talking with the landlord about things that needed fixing was the same unpleasant struggle every time.

So I started to look for something else. Also realized that if I should be able to get a bank loan I had to do this before I retired and still had an income. Started to go on flat-viewings and for a while even considered moving up north to Umeå (after visiting Umeå for a couple of days in August I gave up that idea – too small, too far north). The whole period used for viewing flats lasted for less than three weeks until I found this flat.

So, things went really fast once I had decided to move flats. It is now a year ago since I first saw this flat.I have not regretted the move at any time. The location became Tumba by chance (though the prices for flats played a role as well – the closer to town, the more expensive).

Didn’t only move flats – also left the municipality I had lived in for the last 35 years, Huddinge, and ended up in Tumba. Haven’t regretted that one bit either.

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Happy Holidays

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, be it Christmas, New Year or Chanukka. Whatever you celebrate, it is nice with some holidays in the middle of the winter.

Everything is fine in my world. Too much work and too little free time as usual. I keep saying that I will write in the blog, but never really find the time for it. One of these days…. ahum.

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Yet another blog

Last night I installed and started yet another blog at (Should really do something about this one instead).

It happened only because I found another blog out there by accident that used the name ninisworld. I was Googling on my domain-name because the editors here at work (I work nights this week) had some strange problems with Google. So I tested and got the same problem. At the same time I found that blog named like my site. To be able to contact her had to register at Google and in the process I also created a blog of my own over there. It was just too easy… Seems she has now changed the name of her blog after my comment.

Have a feeling I will see her over here soon though as somebody with username The Real Nini just registred to this blog. Haven’t seen any comment so far though.

Even if my blog here isn’t all that old, my site has existed since 2001, and will continue to do so. The domain-name is mine and it is not all that fun having it beeing used by somebody else – even if we are both called Nini.

My other blog can be found here .
The other blog – which is not mine – can be found here.

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So little time…

There is so little time to spend for my own things when working full time. I’m still not getting anywhere with this blog. Not even to update WordPress – though I just did download version 2.5 of it which was just released some 2 hours ago. I even bought a book about WordPress some time ago to get more into it (WordPress for Dummies). Looks good. But where do I find the time to really do something with this blog? Do I have to go into retirement to find the time? Seems like it. I also really need to update my website. And get the Swedish part of it going and containing more than a coming soon sign. Ah well. One of these days…

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9/11 2006 and 2007

On 9/11 2006 I was actually in Tel Aviv and I visited Tedy’s grave on that day. It was unreal, but necessary. I now have the adress to his grave – or like the taxi driver said: we always have an address whether we are dead or alive.

On 9/11 2007 I was at work as usual here in Stockholm, Sweden. But my thoughts were with Tedy, as they always are on that day.

(This blog is not proceeding the way I intended. I wish I get more time one day to use it the way I originally wanted. That is not now though. I will probably first have to become a pensioner to get that time. That is not now either.).

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Time flies

This autumn just flew by. It was warm and sunny and really nice for a very long time. The cold weather arrived on November 15th in the afternoon. Just had time to wrap up the balcony plants for the winter so they won’t freeze and die before the cold arrived in the afternoon. The first snow arrived the weekend after that. Not a lot of snow – not like last year – but enough to cover the ground and make everything white. Lasted for about a week and was gone again. Since it has been on and off with the snow. Presently it is warm and rainy but snow expected again in a couple of days. It won’t be a white Christmas in Stockholm this year – actually, that’s very rare.

I left my old job with next to no notice. As I wasn’t really employed there the last two years, but only worked about 25 percent there, I felt no obligation to give any notice. I went back there about two weeks after I left, to give back my keys and the key card. What was their goodbye-present? Well, after 18 years employment, there was coffee and cake and I got a bottle of red wine… Not much of a goodbye present. But never mind – I was just relieved to get out and get on with my life and not having to hang on to that job any longer.

Since October 3rd I’ve been working at the big newspaper. Already the 3rd week the whole department went on conference trip to talk about how we should work. We went first for 2 nights to the south of Sweden, and then 2 nights in Copenhagen, Denmark – which gave us an opportunity to drive over the bridge between Sweden and Denmark and visit the Turning Torso, the famous new tower building in Malmö, on the way down. That trip was done during a week when I should actually have been free between night weeks, so the first couple of weeks in October became very busy.

I’ve since been working nights for seven nights (1630-0330 Mon–Fri and 1900–0330 Sat-Sun) and off seven nights. Those workhours suit me just fine as long as I can sleep in the morning and nobody calls during morning hours. Haven’t got into the habit yet to turn off the phone (only the mobile gets turned off)… Really should do that. I have no trouble with those hours at all. I get home real fast after work by taxi. At those hours there is no traffic. I read for a while and then sleep right away. Having a whole week off every second week is also very nice. You then have time for a lot of things which you don’t when you work normal office-hours. Work-weeks on the other hand, you don’t have much time for anything but work and sleep as the workhours are quite long.

It is nice working at the newspaper. Everybody are very nice and friendly and have made me feel very welcome. It is nice for a change to feel appreciated. Sometimes there is a lot to do, other times, like now, next to nothing. Hope it stays so and that no server decides to break down or something…

I work Christmas until Monday morning, but I am off over the New Year. Two more nights to go this week. It is very quiet presently as there are fewer people than usual working. Gives me some time to finally update these pages. Working Christmas also pays better than usual. I don’t mind working. I don’t celebrate Christmas anyway.

Mimmi the cat

Presently I have a house-guest. I have the cat Mimmi which belongs to one of my colleagues at the newspaper, living with me when her family is off to Thailand for three weeks. She’s been with me for a week now and will stay until January 7th. She is a she-cat, red of color, by the name of Mimmi. Very cute. By now she finally starts getting friendly and has even started to purr. Took its time… But that was to be expected. Cats choose you, not the other way around. It is nice though to have a cat in the house again, even if it is temporary. Was a long time since last.

Visited Ulla and Feri last Saturday. Rafaela and Ronnie (her guy) was there too with their baby-son. So finally had a chance to see the baby. He is big. 9Kgs at five months is big. takes after his father I think. It was a nice evening as always with them. Feri is getting old though (83 in January) and seems more tired than he used to. The dog Igor (12 years) isn’t getting any younger either. I understand if Ulla gets worried. Especially as Feri had a minor stroke in the summer.

Apart from that it is nice to have a real salary. Makes all the difference and is SO nice not to have to be over-cautious with money any longer. To be able to buy what’s needed and not have to worry if there will be enough money for this or that. After two very meager years, there are a lot of holes to put the money into.

Life is good presently.

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Finally – a new job!

is where I will be working from Monday onwards

The new job at the big daily newspaper is finally mine. I start on Monday October 3rd. it took its time to get finalized, but now it is (though haven’t signed a contract yet, which will also be on Monday). I start with working daytime the first week, then nights as from October 10th for a week plus Sat-Sun (together with one of the guys there). Then off one week. The on again from Monday plus Sat-Sun (together with one of the guys). Then off one week. Then nights every second week flying solo for as long as this shedule is effective. I believe nights will suite me fine – I am a born night-owl when I don’t have to get up in the mornings and have always been. Help-desk job for the editorial staff is what I am to do plus whatever installations and such the day-people leave for the night-people.

I am SO looking forward to it. And to meet the people I worked with between Jan 3rd and June 3rd 2005 again.

It is SUCH a relief to finally be out of the hostage situation I feel I’ve been in for the last couple of years (where my knowledge has been used but not really paid very well for). I’ve stuck that out to still have a foothold in the area of work I’ve been in for the last 18 years and to have access to information about what is going on.

To finally get a real job with a real salary is such a relief and I am VERY happy about it.

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Autumn is approaching fast and time flies.

Last time I wrote something here, among other things I was wondering where Armand had disappeared to. Turned out he was only very busy and had a lot of work to do. Have spoken to him several times since.

Then Ulla more or less disappeared. I’ve spoken to her though on the phone and she told me that after the birth of her grandson, she became ill (exhaustion probably) but is well now,. Then her husband Feri got a minor clot of blood – which is no small thing at the age of 82 – and had to get checked up. He is also back in business. Then the flat-swopping didn’t get through. Turned out one of the landlords involved wasn’t all that serious or respectable so they backed out of it. Which left everybody exhausted and their flat in a chaos as they had prepared for the moving. I also think she is very worried about her husband. No matter if you have thought the thought or not, I think you can never be prepared for the worst. This time it didn’t happen, but what about next time?

On the job-arena there are some news and maybe by tomorrow it will all be settled. I certainly hope so.

I started to get desperate to get a job and therefore suggested I’d be the temp for S. at my old job during the time she is on maternity leave (about a year – a year and a half). The suggestion has been accepted on condition that they get recompense for me from the employment agency. Which they would get – we have had a meeting about it – if they apply for it. Also on the condition that I would accept a much lower salary than I used to have plus a flexible part for eventual consultant jobs that I can charge for (if I have the time to do them). Still, better than unemployment pay plus the small sum for my approximately 25 percent there which I get now. Job in itself would be mainly administrative. But I was then not in a position to choose and thought it would be better than nothing when I suggested it.

Only a couple of days after the meeting at the employment agency I got an offer about job from the big newspaper where I worked half-time during the spring for five months. They want me back. Full-time. Nights. Well-paid. I said yes of course. If all negotiations and formal things go through the way it is expected to do – which I will probably know tomorrow – I will start there in a weeks time.

I long to be able to say bye-bye to my old job-place and just get out the door and let them survive the best they can without me (which means without somebody updating their website among other things, and nobody to hold courses). I’d love to get out of the “hostage”-situation I’ve been in there the last two years.

I don’t dare to believe in it until I get an all clear. Which should be tomorrow. More then.

The last week has been cold and autumnlike. The colors of the trees are starting to shift. It has until now though been a quite warm, pleasant and sunny September. Sandal-weather is now over for this time even if we might get some nice days still before the real autumn arrives.

I’ve started some kind of blog recently. I’m not yet comfortable with the software for handling the blog so I still write here. The plan is to move what is in the Thoughts department over to the blog. Eventually… Provided I get a better hang of how the blogging software works.

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