Sometimes you stumble over things you would normally not like but fall in love with… The napkin-holder above is one of those things. Saw it, fell in love, bought it. Found it in a local store in Tumba (where I live, it is jsut around the corner from home) that sells it (have seen them elsewhere too, but then not as nice as this one – this one is greyish, the other ones I’ve seen have been whitish). Store is called Dizajnboden. They presently don’t have a webstore, but will in the near future they say. When you want a napkin, just lift the little bird. If you use it outside in the warm season, the little bird is also the weight that keeps the napkins from flying away.

The store in itself has a lot of things which are not to my taste – you know, those rusty iron things, shabby chic… – and some which are really nice. They also had another thing which I would love to have if I had somewhere to put it (I don’t). An iron ceiling lamp. Large, with candles, with a space in the middle where you can put a flowerpot (or something else). You can decorate it too according to season. It comes from a firm called Olsson & Jensen. They only sell to shops though. This is how that ceiling lamp looks.

ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp

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Welcome to the jungle


The jungle outside my bedroom window

This is the jungle outside my bedroom window. Most of it will be removed when they finally build the fence towards the road later this autumn. I’ve slowly started to remove some of the thorny rosebushes. Leaving me with problems like the one below.


Stubborn root

I dug, I hacked, I dug some more. But it refused to come up. Finally I borrowed an axe from my neighbor Lasse. And managed to hack it off. Haven’t held an axe ever in my life before that. It was a bit too heavy for me. So far have removed 4 bushes from the jungle. Only the rest remain…

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Olive-tree gone crazy


Olive-tree before re-planting

I have an olive-tree that I’ve had for quite a few years by now. For years it looked quite normal and grew slowly. Then, all of a sudden, last winter, it starting growing with amazing speed. No, it did not get any fertilizer at all. Just water from the tap. One single branch went high up into the air. And it did it again this winter. Another single branch going high up into the air. So it has now got a bigger flower-pot and some support for its very long stems/branches. And recently a new branch started growing on one of those long stems. Also vary fast. It has definitely gone crazy. And it doesn’t really look like an olive-tree any more, does it?


Olive-tree after re-planting.

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R.I.P. Feri Svéd

Feri Svéd

Feri 2008-05-10 Photo by Nini. ©nini 2008

On Wednesday afternoon, July 20th, 2011, Feri Svéd, husband to my old friend Ulla Svéd, passed away after a short time of illness. He was diagnosed with a huge tumor on the flank at the end of June. Then got treatment at home but went into hospital on Friday Juli 15th. On Wednesday his struggle was over – despite having promised to live until 120. (It’s a saying in Hebrew on each birthday, ad meaveesrim – until 120 years – as in English you simply say Happy Birthday. I just noticed WordPress won’t let me write in Hebrew on this page). Feri became 88.

Feri, Ullas husband, was originally Hungarian and Jewish (though he converted to Catholicism when it was hard times in Hungary – only on the paper though). He was 20 years older than Ulla and had his 80th birthday on January 6th, 2003.

He was pensioned long ago, but on his spare time he worked as a photo-model for advertising films. He was actually quite popular for modeling for those films. During the summer of 2003 he was seen on TV before the weather report several times a week. He was quite a personality.

Feri visited Hungary the last time just shortly before he fell ill. He actually fell ill when in Hungary and his friends doctors told him to go to a doctor the first he did when coming back to Sweden. It was then he got his diagnose. Then everything went very fast.

He was a great personality and always very positive. He believed in a life after this one.

He will be missed by family, friends and everyone who knew him.

Family Svéd 2009-08-02

Family Svéd 2009-08-02. From the left Ulla, Rafaela, Leon and Feri. Photo by Nini. ©nini 2009

Feri Svéd 2011-03-31

Feri at Fotografiska 2011-03-31. The last picture I took of him. Photo by Nini. ©nini 2011

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Due to an increasing stream of auto-spam in my comments, I’ve installed better protection against it. I’ve also deleted some registered users in the process. If you feel you shouldn’t have been deleted as a user, please re-register. Sorry about that but the noise-volume was steadily increasing without any true comments, only spam.

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Flaking paint and rust… is that beautiful?

Worn wall-cupboards

Worn wall-cupboards

Presently many articles about home decoration are about using – and creating – rusty and worn things. They call them “vintage” or “old style” or “country style”. You find them in almost any home-decoration paper you open these days. It can be furniture or things in the garden. The items can be of wood or tin or iron. Flaking paint and worn and torn corners or rusty metal… that is THE thing presently.

Worn bench

Worn bench

Is it beautiful? NO, definitely not. At least not in my eyes. It is ugly.

A thing looking like this would never enter my home.

Unless it could be restored, old paint removed, new paint applied.

Flaking paint

Flaking paint

The worst example of them all are those rusty cupboards. You either buy them as is, with rust and all (and prepare them so the rust doesn’t stick onto you and your surroundings when you touch and use them), or new, and MAKE them rusty with all kinds of methods. There are plenty of descriptions of how to do that on the Internet.

Rusty cupboard

Rusty cupboard

Images above are borrowed from the internet in various locations.

Actually, I wouldn’t even enter a new tin cupboard into my home. Not even if they were as nice-looking as those IKEA sell (see IKEA models below). They belong in storage rooms or locker rooms. Maybe in hallways. But today you see them in living rooms, bedrooms, anywhere. No, thank you. Not for me.

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The best shelf there is… EXPEDIT



This is my small EXPEDIT which I’ve had since 2006. I use it laying down in the bedroom (in my previous flat it lived in the living room). On top I have flowerpots and a lamp and some small decorative things. The shelves server various candles, sketching- and aquarellematerials, some books, water for the plants. The basket hides an assortment of things, like a collection of stones from all over the world, an under the shelf lamp that I presently don’t use and some other stuff I don’t want to see. I love EXPEDIT. Wish I had the space for the bigger one.

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Chaise lounges (or how do you spell it?)

Chaise lounge from R.O.O.M (photo: Nini Tjäder)

Chaise lounge from R.O.O.M

Chaise lounge from R.O.O.M (photo: Nini Tjäder)

Long chairs for resting seem to be the thing to have nowadays. Like these two above from R.O.O.M. I would never buy something this expensive in those colors or patterns though. I am sure they are comfortable though. Despite colors, patterns or price.

I bought a chaise lounge a couple of years ago from IKEA.

Ektorp chaise lounge

Ektorp chaise lounge from IKEA

Ektorp chaise lounge from IKEA (photos: Nini Tjäder)

This model doesn’t exist any longer. Which I found out when I wanted to get a new cover for it about a year ago. It is originally white. IKEA no longer makes them with the armrest. The current model has no armrest – which means they had no covers for the older model. BEMZ, who make covers for various IKEA sofas and chairs and such, came to the rescue. This grey cover I bought from them. I still have the white cover and I switch between them occasionally. Currently it is grey but I think I’ll change it to white again one of these days. It is not all uncomplicated to change the cover as you have take away the armrest to do it.  I change the cushions now and then to get some change.

The current model at IKEA can be seen here. Gustav, my neighbors cat, also loves my Ektorp chaise lounge. (More images of Gustav can be found here).

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Getting feet clean

fotbadI bought this tub for foot-bath from IKEA a couple of years ago (they no longer sell it or anything like it). It is for putting your feet in to get them clean and nice and give them a treat.

Until a couple of weeks ago though still hadn’t used it. So, when the final of the 2011 Eurovison Song Contest was to be sent I parked in front of the TV with my feet in warm water and green soft soap.  Towel nearby and foot cream. And a foot file. It was lovely. I really wonder why I hadn’t done it before…Feet felt like new afterwards.

This time of the year when feet often are bare – at least mine are – and get very dirty, really must do this more often. It is hard to get grass and soil and other dirt off the feet. Wish there was a wonder product that did that when bathing the feet. Any ideas?

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New life for the old bathroom cupboards

I have two old bathroom cupboards which were falling apart (very rickety) and had the wrong color of the doors.

bathroom cupboardsHaving blue doors became very limiting as I sometimes wanted to use colors on towels and bathroom mat that clashed with it. Like cerise towels. Looks really awful when the door is this blue (OK with the floor which is dark marine blue).

So what did I do?

First I removed the legs on both the small and the larger cupboard and let them stand directly on the floor for a while. Then I removed the door from the small cupboard.

bathroom cupboard

bathroom cupboardMuch nicer. But of course they needed legs. So I went to IKEA and bought new legs for them, LILLÅNGEN. Can be used on any other IKEA cupboard I might buy later (if they ever get bathroom cupboards I like). No, i do not like the LILLÅNGEN cupboards. They do not have a lower one withoput a sink. And the bigger one does not have a halfsized door. Which is what I want.legs for bathroom cupboard

Assembled the legs and put them under the cupboards.

cupboard legsI also got a new handle for the larger cupboard door and some white plastic self-adhesive foil to cover the blue color.

foil and handles for the bathroom cupboardAnd this is the result.

smaller bathroom cupboardCupboard comes up from floor with the new legs. And they are not wobbly any more.

bathroom cupboardsMuch better. The foil is a bit thin though so the blue door slightly shines through it. Should need yet another layer of it. But I’ll wait. One of these days I might find the cupboards I really want…. I then at least have the new legs already. This is a temporary solution.

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Bullace or Cherry Plum?

bullace, cherry plum, krikon

I have one small tree just outside my patio, and a bigger one outside the kitchen window, which I have no idea if it is bullace (prunus domestica or krikon in Swedish) or cherry plum (prunus cerasifera or körsbärsplommon in Swedish).

bullace, cherry plum, krikon

bullace, cherry plum, krikon

It has long thorns on its branches and blooms in early spring, shortly before the first leaves come, with lots of small white flowers with a fantastic fragrance. In late August it has small yellow fruits, very sweet and nice plumlike ones. Last year there were almost no fruits as the spring was too cold and the bees never got the time to come to the flowers before they fell off. When i first saw my flat (in August 2009) the fruits were yellow and ripe and I tasted them. Tasted good. Looking forward to get some by August this year.

bullace, cherry plum, krikon

This year we got lots of small plants under the big tree. Probably because we dug up lots of thorny bushes and and turned the soil around last autumn. We cleaned up the space between me and my neighbor and planted bulbs for tulips and such. We’ve since also sown grass on the bigger area between me and my neighbor. Grass is coming along fine now. I cleaned away all the small tree-plants (see picture above) just yesterday. Don’t want a small forest under the big tree… I’d rather have flowers and those small seedlings had really deep roots and prevented anything else to grow there.

bullace. cherry plum, krikon

The fruits are coming along fine on the trees this year. Definitely going to harvest them when time comes.
If anybody knows if it is bullace or cherry plum, let me know please.

[Edited 2011-08-06] Have just recently learned it is actually a Mirabelle. They come in yellow or red-blue variants. Ours are yellow. All as sweet and tasty and good for jams, marmelades, pies…. anything you can do with plums you can also do with mirabelles. They are ready for picking any day now.

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Certain flowers…

spring flowers

When spring comes, the first flowers to appear – after the coltsfoot – are the blue anemones. The blue anemones are shortlived and very soon give place for the wood anemones which last longer (some are still around in shady places).

blue anemones

vitsippa, wood anemone

Then you know that spring has come.

Next there are other flowers which simply promise that summer is ahead and remind you of your childhood and end of the school year. Like lilacs….. first the lilac ones, then the white ones.

syren, lilac

vit syren, white lilacs

Can you imagine the scent? Mmmm….lovely.

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IKEA finally got it

piedestal, pedestal

My new pedestal

I have for a very long time, years actually, looked for a pedestal to put largish, heavy plants on. IKEA used to have years ago, but then they disappeared and the only choice was their stools. No the best solutions because of wrong hight and overall sizes. I looked at Blocket several times over the years (Swedish buy-and-sell site) without finding anything suitable either.

Then, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, IKEA had it again. And in the right (in my eyes) model too. Took them some time to get it in my nearest IKEA store, but finally it got there. Hurried to get it. The white one of course. The one in brownish-black isn’t as nice as the white one. They also have a larger model which is quite nice. In white of course.

My new pedestal now resides in my kitchen with my super-heavy and alrge November-cactus on it.

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Testing Lindahls Rysk Yoghurt

Lindahls Mejeri I’ve applied to become a yoghurt tester, testing a new brand of yoghurt. Application page for Lindahls Rysk Yoghurt test is here. (Page is in Swedish).

Why you might ask?

Well I’ve always loved yoghurt.One of the few milk-products I can eat without feeling nauseous.

Primarily I use the Turkish yoghurt from Lindahls, not the “light” one, but the fatter one. I find it more tasty.

I’ve also tried the Greek one which is a bitter thicker than the Turkish one. I prefer the Turkish one though. (I make Greek tzatziki with Turkish yoghurt, oh yes).

I use yoghurt for a lot of things.

Thought it would be fun to test the new Russian variant.

How do I use yoghurt?

  • with breakfast cereal
  • on top of strawberries
  • for making tzatziki (recipe in Swedish on my website)
  • for various sauces
  • for certain fish dishes in the owen
  • in certain deserts
  • as a replacement for creme fraiche
  • on small pancakes with chopped onions and caviar (like smetana)
  • probably for more things I’ve forgotten…

So far have just applied to be a tester. Has to become approved too.

It would be fun to get approved.

Lindahls Rysk Yoghurt (Youtube-video).

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Spring is definitely here

One of the first tulips

Spring is definitely here. The first tulips (all yellow with red stripes on the outside) are blooming. I have also planted some aubretia in my small, round flowerbed. And some daisy just outside the stones. Plan is that they will spread til net year. Looking good. The chives is getting big and ready to use too.


It started out like this when the snow first disappeared about two weeks ago.

spring flowers

The first green after a long and cold winter

The crocus were really nice (all finished blooming by now).


Yellow and white crocus

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