Nothing new under the sun…


Picture from Fermliving.

I today read about the new collection from FERMLIVING in a few of the blogs I follow. One of the items that caught my eye were the saucers in the above and the below pictures.


Image from Fermliving.

I thought: wait a minute. Aren’t those very much alike the old saucers I have in my cupboard that I inherited from my parents/grandparents?


Image from Fermliving.

I also thought: What is new about these ones, this model? Haven’t we seen them before? Or at least very similar models? These cost €34 a piece and are not yet in stock at Fermliving.

The ones I inherited, see below, are often seen at stores that sell used goods, like the Salvation Army store for instance. Then at a price of about SEK25 a piece. I still have seven of them left. You might be able to get more of the same model at the Salvation Army store…

Nothing new under the sun, right?

Below are my old saucers. Not the same, but similar in model and look. Mine have a handle and are probably not dishwasher safe. We used them for deserts when I was little.

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