New Lamp

lamp, herstal

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I got a new lamp. It is the Minitube from Herstal. It is small, white and simple. Easy to place anywhere. Not sure it will stay where I presently put it, but presently it is there.

I hadn’t planned to buy a new table lamp, but I had points in one of my accounts that were about to expire, so I checked what they had to offer in exchange for those points from the list of objects you can choose from. Last time I did this I choose a mixer.  Just didn’t want the points to expire…

It needs a thin E14 lamp. I might get it a LED lamp but presently it got a halogen lamp. Tested first with an energy save lamp but I always get so annoyed by how long they take to provide full light so that went out pretty fast. I am not sure that a halogen lamp is the best in this thin glass tube as they get very warm. LED is expensive but next time I go to Ikea I’ll get one of theirs.


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