New ceiling lamp in the living room

ceiling lamp

When I moved to my present apartment two years ago my ceiling lamp for the living room got damaged and the inside, thin, plastic lining got crushed at several places. It also got generally crocked.

ceiling lamp

You can clearly see the crockedness on the bottom of the lamp. Yes, I have tried to straighten it without success.

ceiling lamp

This is from another direction. No way I could get it straight.

This has annoyed me ever since because I liked that lamp and it was rather expensive. The damage was visible mostly when the lamp was lit and from certain directions. Which was bad enough.

So I took it down. Just touching the inside plastic lining made it fall into lots of little pieces. Really damaged. I’ve saved the stem with the electric fittings and the top and bottom metal ring and glass bottom. Might do something with them one day. Provided I can straighten the stem.

I’ve been looking for a new lamp for the last two years without finding anything which I both liked and could afford. I have a tendency to like designer lamps at high prices… Unfortunately I don’t have a budget for that.

I’ve replaced the damaged lamp with a simple, white ceiling lamp from IKEA. I’m really pleased with the result. It is 5 cms smaller in width than the old lamp-shade and about as much higher. Gives better light too.

ceiling lamp

The old lamp had three (3) 7W energy saving light bulbs. The new one has one (1) 11W energy saving light bulb. I tried a lot of different bulbs before chosing this one. It is also a question of how many lumen and such for the light temperature. It is pretty hard to choose a light bulb these days and get the kind of light you want.

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wonderful room. cool! ^ ^

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