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arbetsplats, minikontor

This is my workspace. A corner in the hallway between the entrance and the kitchen. When I moved to this flat three years ago I got one room less than in the previous flat. The work-room disappeared. This corner originally housed a cupboard for cleaning utilities. That I’ve moved into the storage room to free this corner. The biggest problem with this workspace is the lack of space to put all those small things you need all the time when sitting here.

IKEA lately released something really useful. It is called PLUGGIS. White plastic boxes you can hang on the wall. This is the result, which I think works really well.


Shelf for loading your mobile. In this case my iPhone 4S.

One bigger holder, two smaller ones.

Looks much neater, doesn’t it?

The boxes can be rearranged at any time if I find their postion not working for me as they hang on a small strip fixed to the wall. I really like this solution.

(Who is the person on the photo on the wall? Yes, that is me. I think it was taken in 1961, approximately.)

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